Stock Markets Rally Just in Time for the Holidays

Bloomberg TV's Trish Regan discusses the recent boom on Wall Street.
2:38 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for Stock Markets Rally Just in Time for the Holidays
-- on Tuesday up more than 300 points a 3% so what's driving this big bounce let's bring in Bloomberg television maker Trish. Reading congratulations on the -- put -- -- thinking well that's right I'm really excited it's terrific opportunity isn't really fantastic group of people would get a dynamic team on street Smart. This young to be -- three to five every day cleansing the closing bell of course from US equity markets I'm -- And you're thrilled by what we saw yesterday finally isn't the timing couldn't have come out like on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that but today it's -- and the housing market on the rise on the rise. And -- won't think about this this is the biggest. Investment of someone's life they are now willing to go out and make an investment so this is a very good sign it shinji that there's some confidence. Out there on the -- half of the American consumer. And confidence means you get more good news down the road -- start to see these little bits of good news and hopefully it means -- momentum that can continue. And retailers are very excited these last few weeks people -- really been coming up -- these holiday sales you know that's another big surprise here. People were very worried about this holiday shopping season. And yet the consumers showing they are buying. The question is will this continue as we move into the new year. Will they still have the money is spent a lot of this of course is going to hinge on jobs that's true we'll talk about that in a moment but something that you also discuss a lot here. Europe. And right now are encouraging news yesterday. But you're still -- little -- Wild card and what we're starting to see some glimmer of hope there Spain was actually able to take on some debt that it wanted to take on. At a lower interest rates. Usually creditors -- -- and you know I wanna go anywhere near Spain Spain really scares me right now and even yesterday we saw. They have more than appetite for -- said that was a good sign for Europe. However. Eighty is a wild card if Europe goes into a severe recession it's only a matter of time before it catches up. With us because it's one -- to straighten -- -- real report flat. Effect when that happens okay -- -- got to get a -- and we saw 43 states -- adding jobs in November hey this is a good sign hanging because this is -- it all hinges on yeah haven't done I think going to be spending some money. So. If this can continue and there is a school thought out there -- warn you. A lot of people think well you mean this is temporary we're seeing some improvement because of the seasonal hiring. If this can continue then we're gonna get on the right track well thank you for the straight talk their true you best congratulations again thank you so -- -- you all the -- for the new year.

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{"id":15204051,"title":"Stock Markets Rally Just in Time for the Holidays","duration":"2:38","description":"Bloomberg TV's Trish Regan discusses the recent boom on Wall Street.","url":"/GMA/video/stock-markets-rally-time-holidays-15204051","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}