Before and After: Women Shed 'Half Their Size'

Ginger Stauffacher, Marqkria McMiller and Kait Ekstrom discuss their weight-loss journey.
3:00 | 01/02/14

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Transcript for Before and After: Women Shed 'Half Their Size'
A brand-new year means motivation to finally get in shape. You're about to meet three women who met that challenge head-on, all featured in "people" magazine's half their size blockbuster issue. I'm here with senior editor michelle tan. This is the 12th year that "people" had the size issue. What makes this year different? We wanted to provide more inspiration. More of the great weight loss transformations. We feature 14 real people who lost more than 100 pounds, half their size. Some of them even losing more than 400 pounds. What do they have in common? They never said I want to fit into skinny jeans. They made goals for a longer, healthier life. These women are featured in this issue. They're about to join us with brand-new bodies and a new outlook on life. Before we meet them, I want viewers to know what inspired them to make a change. I put on 100 pounds in 4 months. Reporter: Ginger's weight gain began after a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism. That gave me the green light to eat as much as I wanted. Reporter: She ballooned to 263 pounds by sneaking fast food and candy during trips to the grocery store. I would buy two to three pounds of candy and make sure i had it eaten before I got home. One night, she had horrible heart pains that scared her straight. I was afraid I wouldn't see my kids again. And I decided I was going to get healthy. Reporter: Having had heart surgery, at just 5. I wasn't going outside and playing with people, like I used to, food became my best friend. Reporter: She was teased mercilessly. And she turned to food for comfort. I was trapped. I was a prisoner in my own body because I thought about food 24/7. Reporter: She ballooned to 470 pounds before she was 18. I had a doctor's appointment. And he said, if you don't change your ways, you're not going to make it to the age of 21. The day I left that office, my goal was, I wanted to live. Reporter: Kate's long batter with her weight started at age 12. I was very active before, playing soccer and dancing. And I gave it up, because I was embarrassed because I was so big in comparison to everybody else. Reporter: She steadily gained ten pounds a year for a decade, until she peaked at 263. I would eat a normal dinner with my family. And then, I would take a box of waffles and eat that as dessert. Reporter: He turning point came when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. My family was trying to eat better foods to support her. And the idea that I was that person and I was okay with it. But wait a minute. I could actually be a thin person. It just sort of kept the wheels turning. Reporter: These women are such an inspiration. We don't want to delay them anymore. We're going to get our first person out, our first guest. Ginger. One last look at how she looked before. And now, the new and improved ginger. You look fantastic. Fantastic. Wow. You have the honor of telling us how much weight she lost. At her highest weight, ginger was 263 pounds. And today, she's 132 pounds. That means she lost 131 pounds. To give you a visual of what 131 pounds looks like, your weight loss was the equivalent of 43 50-ounce bottles of detergent. Your fellow friends here. Before she lost the weight. And -- hot momma. You look incredible. Beautiful. Tell us how much weight she lost. She was at 470 pounds. Now, a petite 147 pounds. That means she's lost an astonishing 323 pounds. Incredible. To give you another visual of how much weight she's lost, that's equivalent to 16 spare tires. That's how much weight, my friend, you have lost. Wow. Incredible to see it. We're going to talk to you more about your tips on how you lost weight in a moment. One more person to finally meet. Kate. Here you see kate before. And now, kate today. You look stunning. Not only changed your weight, you changed your hair color, too. I'm liking the blonde. How much weight has she lost? Kate was at 263 pounds. But today, she's at 127 pounds. That means she has lost 136 pounds. That's incredible. 136 pounds. Our last visual to give you an idea of what 136 pounds looks like, you lost the equivalent of this love seat and five little dogs. We've gone creative. The love seat and dogs. Let's talk about how you were able to transform. weight you lost? I lost my weight through jenny craig. These are some of the snacks i learned portion control on. My favorites are apple straws. When I have a snack attack, i grab them. Do you ever feel the urge to splurge? Especially around the holidays. I do. I've come up with a recipe. My brownies are brownie mix with a can of pumpkins in place of the eggs and the fat. Able to do it. You look incredible. Thank you. And you are focused on food, as well. And portion control. Yes. That is true. What I've learned to do is learn to eat like a kid. And I use my kids' plates. And I portion out my meals by using smaller portions. Two servings of vegetables, vegetables should overpower your other two. Your carbohydrates and your protein. That's a great tip. Use your kid's plate. Kate, come over here. You focus on exercising. Yes. Tell us what specific exercise you did. Well, I did a little bit of yoga-bootee-ballet. But I lost the initial weight by walking my dog. We adopted a rescue dog. And I lost about 30 pounds in the first month we had him because I needed to walk him all the time. That's why we reference the dogs on the couch. Walking the dogs. Ladies, you look incredible. Thank you for joining us and telling us our stories today. Ginger, I never thought i would meet another jirng. But I have.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Ginger Stauffacher, Marqkria McMiller and Kait Ekstrom discuss their weight-loss journey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21397227","title":"Before and After: Women Shed 'Half Their Size'","url":"/GMA/video/stories-extreme-weight-loss-women-shed-half-size-21397227"}