Storms Drench West, Heading Eastward

Mudslide warnings have prompted evacuations in California as a snowstorm targets the East.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Transcript for Storms Drench West, Heading Eastward
It has been raining hard all night, the biggest storm in years taking hold across the region. Ginger is here with me about 0 miles east in Glendora, California. Good morning, ginger. Hey, good morning, robin. While so much of California is looking at this like liquid gold, in Glendora, not as much. Sandbags out, people have evacuated and k-rails, they look like construction barriers have been put up in case mudslides begin. That's a legitimate fear. Look at this storm. It is so serious on the satellite. We're only on the front end. Ka curly cue is the actual storm itself. It will bring some gusting winds up to 70 miles per hour and for the mex 48 hours it will be a wild couple of days of weather in California. Bracing for impact. Dirt, rocks, mud and water and it's going that way. Reporter: Ahead of the deluge, two California foothill communities told to pack up and leave. They've come by with lo loudspeakers announcing mandatory evacuation. The fear. Devastating mudslides, almost all of California parched by historic drought. Add 2,000 acres of freshly torched land from last month's wildfires and it's a recipe for destruction. That dry and charred Earth no longer has vegetation, the burn scars stripping the land's ability to absorb water. The only place for rain to flow downhill taking with it tons and tons of damaging and potentially deadly debris. That's a pretty big hill and there's a lot of Earth that can come down. Reporter: More than a thousand homes are now in the impact zone. Before evacuating their houses folks were piling up sandbags and lying the trees with cement barriers hoping to direct all that mud and debris away from their property. These new fears come after more than an inch fell on Thursday causing chaos on the roads. This semi grinding right through a highway guardrail. And in the bay area, this pickup truck flipping over. So here we go, timing of the storm the next 48 hours, the worst of it but by os Sunday itself we will be drying out a bit. You're looking at that low pressure system slide down the coast, like a nonstop rain in some places but drying out a little by the oscars. That same storm is going to eventually bring snow for the midwest and northeast. I'll tell you how much in the next half hour. All right. Ginger, good to have you out here with me and theyed out the red carpet early to protect it from all that is happening right now but you mentioned about that snow and those icy conditions, we'll go back to Lara to talk more about that. Robin, in the midwest they're dealing with it too in the way of bitter cold and deep freeze they're suffering through is creating a huge problem in some areas. ABC's Alex Perez is live in Wilmington, Illinois, with more on that. Good morning to you, Alex. Reporter: Hey, good morning, Lara. Take a look around me. There is ice as far as the eye can see. I'm actually standing they are the shoreline but this behind me here is supposed to be a river, but the cold temperatures have created all of this. Here in the Chicago area we've actually gone more than 60 days with the temperature this season below freezing so as you might 3457b8g that is creating some major problems. There are waterways across the midwest that are jammed up with ice and here's the thing, it is not over. There is extreme cold and more snow headed to the midwest tonight and into the weekend and even when it warms up the big concern then will be flooding.

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{"id":22714494,"title":"Storms Drench West, Heading Eastward","duration":"3:00","description":"Mudslide warnings have prompted evacuations in California as a snowstorm targets the East.","url":"/GMA/video/storms-drench-west-heading-eastward-22714494","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}