My Stroller Is Better Than Your Stroller

Celebrities' penchant for unique strollers creates competitive trend among moms.
4:52 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for My Stroller Is Better Than Your Stroller
And now the new competition heating up the playground over how your child is getting around -- at the Mercedes in the BM dot BO. We want to know look at -- wheels you're using. Two -- your little baby ABC's juju Chang is here with the latest on the stroller -- -- is this is real it is there's a fierce competition little tongue in cheek but really. If you think that there are a wait list for every single model of the bugaboo including the one that's. Out this season there's nothing more. That making a fashion conscious mommy wait for something. Telling her she can't happen. Specially designed wheels custom fabrics that -- The high end performance vehicle the -- somebody must have mommy gets. Your tax -- like sports car that yeah. Now we hear somebody who often people are -- -- -- -- the Cadillac of strollers and six. Terrific combination -- Style and status as president of bugaboo America Kari boiler helped launch the luxury -- accompanied by getting it on sex in the city. -- -- -- Miranda -- a local charity. And is the -- of the pavement Hollywood stars feed the bugaboo craze Gwyneth. The Damon's Heidi Klum even Gwen Stefani. New mom Rachel so showed me -- anyone else -- zoning collection by the -- its famous clients make for an eye popping a list price tag about sixteen. It would look at that price second -- Who are these people whose findings -- -- -- I think in the economy there's always a flight to value right is how -- it's so certainly in more than ever in this time do you want to invest -- -- quality product that has timeless designs but the time was designed can't be all that goes into that price -- Anxious you know depending on the stroller just the the pepper or rubber we use of the way its composer not stop we will that we just by each individual component of that Wheeler has assembled -- -- and designed specifically for our -- it's not -- we just choose something awful lot. To find out what moms think we hit the streets and made her -- title as class in New York City. Ladies in this class aren't talking -- use of purses they're comparing strollers from the bugaboo donkey to the -- baby retailing it over. 500 -- -- you just have also the difference dollars right. What's the word on the street. -- about. About strollers I think it's none of the baby can you didn't have this group of -- takes Valentine's Day. It just maneuvers really easily. -- moms say performance is more important than luxury. -- just like having. It's much more functional and I think that it holds up really really well. But not all moms are convinced it's worth the big bucks how export performance do you think you to get out of the 16100 dollar stroller. Well my feeling is is that it had a GPS and April motorized and I can stand on something and it it drives while I'm going and I think that's worth it. Mommy blogger Beth Feldman argues this -- is not just about the baby it is all about the mom or -- dad it is all about what they want. And there and putting it on their to -- -- all of this is the best for my child. It may mean -- it isn't economical isn't worth it Alison until Koplan owns one and makes no apologies for it. A lot of people -- like oh my god why spend so much money on it struck. And I think I'm not happy and the -- is happy Thanksgiving as a luxury item that his illustrious I think it's more for people who. Money is less of an issue and they're looking for something with style because he it is -- of -- statement peace. A statement piece that will last few more than one season on this cat -- its not like you would replace the stroller every season. Or for a certain outfit this is this is your machine for the next. Five years and beyond. Now before you Smart too much luxury -- owners may have the last laugh because you check out eBay they hold their value and they -- the question is is better to have eight broken down strollers in your garage. Or have one that will last and with UN. I think that question is best answered between a girl and her bank exactly -- and we all have those umbrella strollers that we bought in a pinch and I hear Kmart so it's a that is the question -- you test of the amount are they as good as they're made out today OK I was very skeptical but I'd put my son and I rolled it around and truly the maneuverability. Is. Much easier and and it's like light feather light and really nice. It's just -- To Britain have paid a lot of money but you can see it's a -- it expands from the new born and then you can put two kids and that so in theory it will last for years and then it becomes -- -- like a transformers left Pitt family -- yeah. And I -- our right.

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{"id":15196502,"title":"My Stroller Is Better Than Your Stroller","duration":"4:52","description":"Celebrities' penchant for unique strollers creates competitive trend among moms.","url":"/GMA/video/stroller-stroller-competetive-trend-mothers-15196502","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}