Student Survives 10 Days in Snow

Arizona State University student Lauren Weinberg survives without a coat, food.
2:59 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for Student Survives 10 Days in Snow
Happy ending to the frantic search for Arizona State student Lauren Weinberg she had been missing for more than a week finally found safe and alive trapped in her car. Deep snow all around ABC's indicating here with the story that we're glad has a happy -- -- have. One word for this woman running she is a fighter can you imagine all that time in that car alone and she survived -- it's really incredible. Lauren Weinberg uncharacteristically. Missed her final exams her parents were in despair for days. But the 23 year old says she still had faced she would be found. Even though she was stranded without a warm coat and almost no food in an area accessible only by snowmobile. After ten days all alone in freezing temperatures -- Weinberg is recovering this morning at this Flagstaff medical center. For more than a week she was trapped in her small Toyota Corolla -- deep in secluded Arizona mountains. She didn't have a -- we have provisions. She did have a lot and we warm clothing the 23 year old Arizona State University students incredible survival story started almost two weeks ago. Just as a winter storm hit northern Arizona Weinberg was last seen leaving her mother's house in Phoenix on the night of December 11 she drove about four hours north when her car got stuck in snow. Outside -- forest gate near a line of -- no one around for miles she's had a cell -- with third. Hong she told -- she couldn't use it because the batteries were dead for more than a week and a half she was stranded without a heavy -- -- blanket. As another snowstorm dumped more than two feet of snow around her. She survived on just two candy bars and for water snow she melted in water bottles park Rangers found her on Wednesday. She was transported -- snowmobile by -- service employees. To a location where our deputy access her with a four wheel drive vehicle she was then driven into the Flagstaff medical center. Overnight Weinberg released this statement saying I am so thankful to be alive and warm. There were times I was afraid that mostly I had -- I would be found it but other tales of stranded drivers don't have such happy endings. Earlier this year -- 56 year old woman was rescued after being stranded for almost two months on a desolate logging road in Nevada. Her husband who left her to go search for help is still missing. And in 2006 the Kim family was stranded for nine days in the remote Oregon wilderness. Katie Kim and her two young daughters were miraculously rescued. Her husband James was found dead from hypothermia less than a half mile from their car in Lauren Weinberg case staying putz is what saved her life. The survival rate is much higher when people stay with your vehicle so we were thankful that she was with her vehicle when we found her. Some questions do remain here where exactly was Lauren Weinberg -- that night and why was she up in those dangerous mountains all alone. For now her family is just happy she's getting her strength and health -- in the -- -- that matters at this point it's they give thanks very much.

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{"id":15212419,"title":"Student Survives 10 Days in Snow","duration":"2:59","description":"Arizona State University student Lauren Weinberg survives without a coat, food.","url":"/GMA/video/student-survives-days-snow-15212419","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}