Student-Teacher Couple Respond to Firestorm

James Hooker, 41, and Jordan Powell, 18, deny relationship began in school.
3:07 | 03/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Student-Teacher Couple Respond to Firestorm
So many of you let us know yesterday exactly what you thought about the California high school teacher left his wife and kids to move over the -- category see right there that's ago he met in class. But as the police step up the investigation a couple isn't backing down one bit. And they responded to -- -- -- new exclusive interview with ABC Cecilia Vega. As scandal has people talking in the death -- is causing quite an uproar he's moved into an apartment with wanted to students. Hours after going public with their love on Good Morning America -- -- more than just. Whether I would say I'm in. And criticism of their romance made headlines. 41 year old teacher James hooker and his former student eighteen year old Jordan powers were all hugs and kisses. Telling GMA in another exclusive interview they are unfazed by the outrage and the lingering questions about whether their romance broke the law should hotel receipts fatal what do you think they didn't know how markets. It's just difficult to hear. And they don't trio hand and to be perceived is. Just wrong no matter what our what our cases. Despite allegations they are -- the couple insist they met when powers was a freshman at -- was her business class teacher. But they see their relationship only became physical after powers turned eighteen in September. Powers his mother says that is not a true. Shouldn't be with students I like to -- -- -- arrested and in California where it is illegal for a minor under the age of eighteen to have sex with an adult police are now investigating. -- for the release a thousand messages there was -- -- and ongoing relationship that was extracurricular. That doesn't pass the smell test. Those are -- text messages to and there there was now calling and texting before press that he -- -- I don't care about the -- the details they just they just don't know what's wrong what are the rest of the the details -- carrier. -- her teacher. What's her teacher once they left. And and terminated my you know resigned and and ended my employment. Think that's when -- ticket to the next level. Powers is no longer attending classes and -- plans to file for divorce. And what about his three children including that daughter just a year younger than powers -- says he hopes to reconcile. And yes -- know my family is probably my extended family family is there's probably disappointed in the time. Just following my heart. The couple says despite comments -- -- and here on the streets of Modesto to your school teacher. He has a certain responsibilities. They are looking toward the future where you see yourself in five years and ten year. Being in ninth and us and -- just living my life. I'm not sure what my future looks like I hope to be able to -- -- and if gambling and and just be able to. Enjoyed what whatever the future holds. For Good Morning America Cecilia Vega ABC news Modesto California. Let that -- go.

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{"id":15832176,"title":"Student-Teacher Couple Respond to Firestorm","duration":"3:07","description":"James Hooker, 41, and Jordan Powell, 18, deny relationship began in school.","url":"/GMA/video/student-teacher-couple-respond-firestorm-15832176","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}