Men Incapable of Making Their Voice Sexy: Study

A new study by Albright College finds women can more easily make their voices sound attractive.
2:45 | 04/23/14

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Transcript for Men Incapable of Making Their Voice Sexy: Study
Moving on, now, to the latest chapter in the battle of the sexes. A new study finds that when it comes to sounding sexy, the results are loud and clear. Should we say, deep and breathy? Women have it over men. And Paula has the story. Reporter: On to the new study that says women are better than men is putting on a breathy voice to attract a mate. And it's probably to get one. And put it to the test. Fellas, we have a couple tips for you, as well. Like Claire on "Modern family" a sexy, sultry voice comes easy for many women. You might want to take a nap at work today. Reporter: But when men try it, like her husband, Phil -- I always do. Reporter: Not so much. According to a new study by Albright college, men are incapable of intentionally making their voices sound sexy. 20 women and 20 men tried to make their voices sound sexy. Another 40 people judged whether they achieved that goal. And found that the women easily outperformed the men. Why is it so difficult for men? I mean, even a cartoon, Jessica rabbit, can do it. My offer stands firm. Think about it. Reporter: Researchers know, that to men, an attractive voice is often linked to physical appeal. While men learn that what attracts women is confidence. And it's that confidence, regardless of gender, that Melissa Katz says is the real key. Is it possible to obtain a sexy voice if you don't have one? I think so. I think it's about attitude. And what you deem as sexy. Reporter: Dish number one, sustain sound. You're thinking about sustaining that sound. Reporter: By sustaining the sound right now. You are. But not fully from here. Reporter: Tip number two, eye contact. The way we make eye contact with each other is all a part of sexiness and a way we communicate. Reporter: Eye contact. Eye contact. Tip number three, vocal warm-ups. Singing and speaking are related to each other. When you start to feel, I believe, the sensuality of singing, it carries through our voice. Reporter: You almost treat your speech like a song? Yeah. Reporter: Before you hire a vocal coach, you can test your sexy voice, with this app. And for me, I'm working on getting it down. The things I do for this job. The study reveals, however, that men are better at manipulating their voice to sound confidence than women. And, George, you had a good point. Can you do your confidence voice? Every day. Good morning, America. That was great. I kind of -- I think that men can manipulate their voice to sound sexy. I'm not sure I necessarily --

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{"id":23436803,"title":"Men Incapable of Making Their Voice Sexy: Study","duration":"2:45","description":"A new study by Albright College finds women can more easily make their voices sound attractive.","url":"/GMA/video/study-men-incapable-making-voice-sexy-23436803","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}