Jane Levy Welcomes You to 'Suburgatory'

Jane Levy talks about starring in the new hit ABC comedy.
2:05 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for Jane Levy Welcomes You to 'Suburgatory'
The new ABC to -- I think coming -- Torre it's fish out of water story about a city girl who moves -- their dad to the suburbs. It's fair to say she's not happy about it starting may be good enough to join us now and -- what Joseph congratulations on New York show. And look we're both from the California suburbs parent. Mean there's some weird things about the suburbs they're not. It's not the clean cut place that word sort used to seeing perhaps are -- -- our suburbs these suburbs all yeah. Okay. Isn't fair to say it transcends the suburbs are not it's it's it dancers stranger things happen out there than we're led to believe when that the city girl goes out there. She still gonna find some some some craziness you have -- you who are not. Supposed to be making it look as easy 21 years old you've already had character -- on showtime series now this -- -- -- -- -- -- quickly. I don't know the un I mean I say and -- -- -- -- auditioning and and I was just. Really lucky I think maybe this role became -- a great time and and I'm having so -- front. I would do want to take a look at it this is a moment from tonight's episode -- Cisco please your father. Get your decorating for Halloween we'll take a look. We need realistic arterial spray not amateur hour amateur hour she put your head off for the -- -- Well with the I. -- I'm not afraid that I had -- didn't -- swing but. Now we knew was she Jimmy -- there you have Chris Cornell and adjust from an oil Cheryl Hines from curb your entries and it's quite a Catholic selected go to work every. I'm working at fountain comedic all stars and it's and not only are they whole area and wonderful actors are such good people off. -- be left here to be working with. People -- to them then again it is taking its first steps it is obligatory it is tonight. 83730 central fifty so -- -- having.

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{"id":14816596,"title":"Jane Levy Welcomes You to 'Suburgatory'","duration":"2:05","description":"Jane Levy talks about starring in the new hit ABC comedy.","url":"/GMA/video/suburgatory--14816596","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}