Subway Pranksters Mess With NYC Commuters

Vincent Peone, Kevin Corrigan and Carl Foreman Jr. discuss their viral subway prank.
3:53 | 08/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Subway Pranksters Mess With NYC Commuters
And Cincinnati and take a look at this Carl my -- is great Carl Foreman junior -- -- meeting. Yeah. Laying. -- -- OK well what can we play -- and really. -- -- -- I I want crying and saying and -- him. Yeah yeah. Yeah. That's cool because you turn the entire -- around you yeah. Yeah. Jack Murray -- what a lot of I didn't radio. A lot of what we didn't see you view go on to say. You -- to move. -- really had to move would give you just do it there. Yeah they do attend some of the -- and adds that good stuff you did on his -- and gentlemen I'm not. I'm not -- years apart regulars at I have a great job at a -- -- to stand. I -- -- -- even batted job at best saying financial and out of -- the -- so it's is that they thinking getting better and better -- that are worse and worse in this guys case slash. Fantastic and what people I don't know that that is common in every city in America particularly if you don't have a lot of folks crammed in the public transit. But you regularly get these stories and I'm sorry but it's true because you regularly get folks doing this on the -- yeah a lot of people just tune out using their -- is coming back in the -- -- you don't really there's another guy can't get out of this car in this person's gonna keep talking the whole time I -- I -- -- as well Vincent pay down and Kevin Corrigan director in the right or she gets all got together so these are not noticed looking as it was that you were just looking to turn this whole. Bench and I don't yes such in his second video game. In a partnership of vitamin water for their campaign -- -- brilliant. And that's exactly say that to do you know why did it -- these every -- boring situations and put a spectacle and then make -- more exciting and -- -- a great script. That Carl. Noticeably such kind of night spoke boring mundane situation room -- this on their phones are trying to -- everyone else out so we thought. But we sent someone on there not saying -- just brag about how awesome their lifeless however it's really. Yeah. Congratulations -- we -- more. Yeah you haven't seen lasts from solitary has it would did you have as good a time and you especially knowing what's coming. Oh absolutely -- a great time it was definitely nerve racking at first you know he's -- -- people will receive this guy. Right things he's saying and now he's doing it but. You know once you get people's attention -- that birds excuse me you know and then me like. There's going to be some reaction so now they're looking at UPS deliver the goods -- and the people -- grade the commuters where. A lot more positive than -- even anticipated that anybody's got any money. Yes. And that had CU I had a good no thank you I have to any non I think a lot of money. Huffington Miller got a pretty -- -- Elizabeth descended to -- -- -- A lot of I'm not sure -- -- didn't -- it. And then she got a -- -- yeah. -- Andre let me sure we stay in touch -- and that until I had terrific.

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{"id":19893934,"title":"Subway Pranksters Mess With NYC Commuters","duration":"3:53","description":"Vincent Peone, Kevin Corrigan and Carl Foreman Jr. discuss their viral subway prank.","url":"/GMA/video/subway-prank-college-humor-vitamin-water-mess-nyc-19893934","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}