Sudeikis on New Big-Screen Comedy, Leaving 'SNL'

"We're the Millers" star chats about his new comedy and leaving "Saturday Night Live."
3:00 | 08/05/13

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Transcript for Sudeikis on New Big-Screen Comedy, Leaving 'SNL'
sudeikis, he made saturday night the funniest night of the week for a decade on "snl" and now he is bringing the laughs to the big screen starring with jennifer aniston in "we're the millers." They are looking like a million bucks at the big premiere. I think we have photos of them. Look at that. Great to welcome back jason sudeikis. Thanks for being with us. Thank you for having me again. Again and again. No, we hoff to have you. I have to say this is anything but your typical family road trip comedy. I would agree. I would agree. Yeah. We actually have a clip to maybe make it more apparent for those excited. Along the way you become a family. There's sweetness to the silliness. You actually are grilling a young man that your fake daughter played by emma roberts has just met so let's take a look. Hey, those are cool at that times, man. Oh, for real, thank you, bro. What is this one? Oh, this -- yeah. This my creedo, no regrets. How about that? You have no regrets. Dad. Like not even a single letter. No way. Not me. Dad. I love them. I think he's great. Okay. I think he's a real winner. Casey, I wouldn't use protection. And you know what, it wasn't always easy typing a clip to put on morning television. No, yeah, that movie -- it would have to be the credits maybe. Your parents were at the premiere. How did they react? They've dealt with me a lot. It's nice that I now get paid as opposed to just like detensions for the crass things I say and i get angry a lot and she thinks I'm doing an impression of my dad. What does your dad think. He doesn't. We have no mirrors in our house. How fun was it making that movie? I laughed out loud. I was crying. Oh, good, good, yeah, it was a lot of fun and the best part, I feel like the movie is like a highlight reel of the time that we had making it and the cast is great. So many good people in there that, yeah, it's a lot of fun. Comes at you from a lot of different angles that's a good way to put it. We mentioned "snl." You are leaving the show. It's been your home for ten years. Has it sunk in you won't be doing it again. No, it won't until they do a saturday until don pardo skips my name in the opening credits and I imagine I'll bring the same emotional time since the first time he said it. You have a wedding coming up allegedly in spring. Yes. How are the plans coming. Pretty well. Pretty well. You know, we just know we want to do it. Yeah. Well, that's -- that's the most important thing. After the choices. And speaking of food at the premiere there, you chose to wear a t-shirt that says oklahoma joe's barbecue. You're apparently a big fan of the barbecue. In kansas city where a couple barbecue places in the movie. You've missed your kansas city barbecue living in new york city. It looks like the folks at oklahoma joe's barbecue decided to bring some barbecue to you in new york city. 9:00 a.M. Barbecue. 9:00 a.M. Barbecue. Look at that. Just enough for you. Really from oklahoma joe's. It really is from oklahoma's joe's. We'll feast after this. I want to give you something to chew on before this. A quick lightning round. What is the most guy thing about you? I have a lot -- I have a lot of hair on my chest. Good to know. If you were invisible for one hour what would you do? I would probably, you know, i don't know, like get in an elevator and pass gas all day. Wow. All right. My wildest dream is blank? My wildest dream is blank? Morning television. Boy, then my wildest dream is the life that I'm living. That's good. I wish I could start -- answering these questions quicker. I wish I could stop. Being so slow. Wish I stopped biting my nails. I wish I had more. I wish I had more access to crystal clear water, saltwater. Really. All right. What's your weirdest quirk. My weirdest quirk? Oh, I don't know. I guess probably -- I have no idea. I wouldn't say it's weird.

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{"id":19871330,"title":"Sudeikis on New Big-Screen Comedy, Leaving 'SNL'","duration":"3:00","description":"\"We're the Millers\" star chats about his new comedy and leaving \"Saturday Night Live.\"","url":"/GMA/video/sudeikis-big-screen-comedy-leaving-snl-19871330","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}