Sugarland Speaks About Indiana Stage Collapse

The band returns to the scene of the accident at the Indiana State fair.
3:31 | 11/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sugarland Speaks About Indiana Stage Collapse
It's terrifying moment. Stage at the park high winds collapsing of the Indiana state fair just before Sugar Land was supposed to take the stage this happened last August. I sat down with Jennifer Nettles talking for the first time. About that deadly accident. Yeah. -- when he -- Jennifer Nettles and Kristian bush. Below that make -- Sugar Land. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know latest tonight. Develop a fiercely loyal fan base. That have made their concert some of the most. At the Indiana state fair. Everything changed. Moments before Sugar Land with -- step on stage. High winds took down the massive rigging of their production. 45. Injured seven people lost one. And imagine going through something like that. It has to change you. I think any sort of crisis. Can test our fame and push just to islands for sure there will always be -- before. That happened -- and after. That night. No one knew where. -- Helen -- tour manager came down and said they're gonna hold. In recent OK and no sooner had she said that then. It just what you think is as far as like everything suddenly looked dark and then wind and then -- Sound and then. The ceiling of the dressing room worked and shattered and everyone went to the wall because. We didn't know what was happening for the senior -- -- I didn't see the whole thing happen until like the rest of the country I watched it on the news that. -- -- I mean there are no there are no words. For that kind of of tragedy and for. The power of nature and what happened. We're. When you're renting a room when you saw -- and you knew that people who had come. To see Sugar Land Foster lives. What went through your your -- your mind I went. We are forever connected. To those people because of that evening that we share in the moment that we share in the tragedy that we -- and we will forever --

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{"id":14903579,"title":"Sugarland Speaks About Indiana Stage Collapse","duration":"3:31","description":"The band returns to the scene of the accident at the Indiana State fair.","url":"/GMA/video/sugarland-speaks-indiana-stage-collapse-time-state-fair-14903579","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}