Catwalk Beach Styles for Less Than $100

Stylist Joseph Katz reveals four outfits that can go from the boardwalk to the catwalk.
3:05 | 07/02/13

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Transcript for Catwalk Beach Styles for Less Than $100
Sam, thank you so much. "Gma's" backyard grillout brings you beach chic on a budget. We have four looks for you from the boardwalk to the catwalk. All under $100. Joseph katz is with us. Joe. He's the in-house fashion stylist for the beverly hills hotel. And he's here to show us how to get more beach bang for your buck. I love it. It's the beach look for your buck. Really stretching that dollar. You reay get that great look. Let's start with elizabeth. Why do you love this? Let me just tell you why i love this. This is so great, lara. Look at this bat wing we did. This is a michael kors. It's on sale from macy's. 68 just for this. This hat is from marshal's. And the shoes are forever 21. And it's really forgiving. You can feel comfortable going to the beach. Very loose. It's got a spandex, can breathe. And you can wear a bathing suit. And I love the hat. It's very chic. Moment of tooth. Can we see how much your entire outfit costs? Just under $100. We promised you. And it's true. Terrific. Thank you. Our next look is lovely in lavender. This is enya. And she is wearing a color block echo print cover-up. It's so easy to wear. And I just love it. We did a forever 21 necklace. The bathing suit, everything. And just has a great look. The necklace, bathing suit, cover up, shoes. The price is -- oh, my. 96.39. You look like a million bucks. See? A little more easy. Yeah. This is a great one. This is macy's. And this is actually a great empire waist. I love this because it covers. It covers the arms. It covers the body, with a tank built in. I love this look. Let's look at the price. Yeah. 94.49. And we'll give you the details online. And our last look, we thank you so much. And the blues. Great for the beach. I love this. The hat. The dress. And this is a cover-up. I think you need a slip if you want to wear that. I love woven. Woven is very much a trend now. And it has a pop of color. Joe fresh cover-up and the bathing suit. These little flip-flops, $4. I love it. Your total is -- there you go. Lots of great trends. Great looks and great bargains. Joe, we thank you so much. Thank you, lara. We thank our models for showing us how to put the looks together. Check out goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! For all of the details.

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{"id":19553587,"title":"Catwalk Beach Styles for Less Than $100","duration":"3:05","description":"Stylist Joseph Katz reveals four outfits that can go from the boardwalk to the catwalk.","url":"/GMA/video/summer-fashion-trends-2013-catwalk-beach-styles-100-19553587","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}