Allyson Felix On Taking Gold After 2nd Place Finishes

The track star talks about earning a medal in the women's 200-meter sprint.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Transcript for Allyson Felix On Taking Gold After 2nd Place Finishes
two olympic games in her event. We're going to hear from her in a moment. First, cecilia vega has more on one of the athletes that's now become the most decorated woman in the history of the event. Reporter: For allyson felix, third time is definitely the charm. Allyson felix gets her gold. Reporter: After taking silver in the 200-meter in athens and beijing, felix, one of the most decorated sprinters in u.S. History, finally got her gold. Felix started competing professionally as a teen. Her high school teammates affectionately called her chicken legs. The nickname has never stopped her from being able to leg-press 700 pounds. Her intense training routine includes 4 1/2 hours a day, 6 days a week, on the track and in the weight room. Felix's teammates are also rocking the red, white and blue. Sanya richards roth took gold in the 400 meter. Reese in the long jump. And double-joy for carmelita jeter who took silver and bronze in the 200. Proving once again, the ladies are the ones to watch. For "good morning america," cecilia vega, london. The u.S. Women have been incredible. Earlier this morning, I had a chance to speak with allyson felix about getting the gold in the event she's called her baby. Allyson felix. First, a massive congratulations to you. Your first individual gold there in the 200, after you took silver, however guttingly, in 2004. And again, in 2008. So, what does that medal hanging around your neck now mean to you? So much. Like you said, second twice, to the same person. It's been a bumpy road. But it made the moment so much sweeter. How do we celebrate this victory, allyson? I'm looking forward to going back home and celebrating. Right now, I still have the 4x100 AND 4x400. When I come home to l.A., We'll get out and have some fun. It's something with athletes. You're a very young woman. And now, you're forced to consider your athletic legacy. When you look back -- and you are, now, by every statistic, the most decorated woman ever in this event, how does that make you feel? That's crazy. You know, I just remember, I'm just a skinny, little girl with little legs. You know, had this dream that i went after. And it's crazy that I'm here. You know? It's really a dream come true. It's been a lot of hard work. But it's been a lot of fun, as well. With regard to the qualifying. I know you finished at the olympic trials in a dead-tie for third place, down to the 0.01 seconds. With your training partner and your teammate. And instead of having a runoff or flipping a coin as per the rules, tarmoh decided to step away. You know why she made that decision? I'm not sure. She felt that was the best decision for her. It was unfortunate because I do train with her. I wish we could have battled it out and have the runoff. That wasn't what happened. From there I have to move on. This is the olympics. Team usa's women, across the board, are cleaning up. You have aries merritt, in the 100 hurdles, brittany reese in the long jump. All within minutes winning gold. What was it like in those stadium, as all those golds by the people you train with, are being won within minutes of each other? So cool. You keep looking out and you see the american flag and people doing their victory laps. It was such an amazing night. It just pumped us up for the rest of events to come. And we're going to carry that over with the relays and hopefully bring back some more gold there. I'm not going to let you go without looking ahead to four years. Why not? Rio 2016, are you going to be defending that gold medal? I hope so. I feel like I have another one in me. Still passionate. Still love the sport. So, yeah. Let's go for it. Again, the most decorated woman in the history of the 200 meters. Allyson felix, gold medalist. Congratulations. We thank you for your time this morning. Just one more transcendent performance from the u.S. Women.

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{"id":16976958,"title":"Allyson Felix On Taking Gold After 2nd Place Finishes","duration":"3:00","description":"The track star talks about earning a medal in the women's 200-meter sprint.","url":"/GMA/video/summer-olympics-2012-allyson-felix-takes-gold-womens-16976958","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}