Summer Shoe Dangers: How Can You Protect Your Feet?

"GMA" investigates some of the serious health risks that accompany the summer's hottest trends.
3:33 | 06/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Summer Shoe Dangers: How Can You Protect Your Feet?
summer shoe dangers from flip-flops to ballet flats and sky-high heels. The go go-to shoes for summer can may have your feet paying the highest price of all. Mara schiavocampo has what you need to know before you buy those summer shoes. Reporter: Summer shoes. Casual. Open. And as it turns out, maybe not so hot for your feet. I see an increase in foot-related injuries, especially at the end of the summer. Reporter: Foot specialists like Dr. Jackie Sutera says some warm weather shoes can pose dangers to your feet and can affect your ankles, knees, hips and back. Wearing the wrong summer shoes can cause tendinitis and stress fractures. And can also lead to chronic foot pain that can cause arthritis and even foot deformity. Bad shoes are considered anything that's extreme. So, too thin, too flat, too open. Reporter: First up, flip-flops, a summer staple for men and women. A recent study found they can lead to treacherous ankle twists. These should be warn at the beach or the pool. Not for commuting or walk around. Reporter: But unlike for women, these flimsy open slip-ons are the beginning and end of most men's summer footwear. Men have a tendency to just hold on to their shoes and not to throw away. Reporter: Next up, ballet flats. Like flip-flops, may be too thin. When shoes are too thin and too flat, they offer no shock absorption, and no cushioning. Reporter: A recent survey found 71% of heel wearers say those shoes hurt their feet. That pain can be even worse in the summer, with stilettos providing less support than they're counterparts. I brought my favorite summer sandals to the doctor. And was shocked to see how they affect my feet. This is how your foot should function. That's how my foot is supposed to look. Yes. And the fact that it looks like this means what? It means you're overusing high heels. You have fractures of the toes and pulling of the tendons. Look for good arch support and cushioning. Buy shoes fitting your longest toe. And don't wear bad shoes too often. Everything in moderation. You shouldn't eat cupcakes every day. And you shouldn't wear flip-flops and high-heels every day. What can you wear? I'm wearing a pair of platform wedges. Wedges are a better option because it distributes the weight more evenly. And it's even better if they have a cork or rubber base. And this is a good example. This is what the doctor sent over of a good, summer flat. A little bit of height. Not too much. Kind of flexible. And it's going to give you the support you need to stay in the shoe and not damage your feet. I live in heels. I never met a pair of heels I didn't love. I wear flip-flops here. And then, a pair of heels. You can wear these. It matches your outfit. I like what the doctor said, only from 7:00 to 9:00 A.M., do we wear the shoes like this. These come off at 9:00. Lara will attest to that.

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{"id":23971572,"title":"Summer Shoe Dangers: How Can You Protect Your Feet?","duration":"3:33","description":"\"GMA\" investigates some of the serious health risks that accompany the summer's hottest trends.","url":"/GMA/video/summer-shoe-dangers-protect-feet-23971572","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}