Summer's Hottest Celebrity Hair Trends

From the "Macklemore" to bold, vibrant colors, @TheSalonGuy shows off the trendy hairstyles.
7:00 | 07/17/14

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Transcript for Summer's Hottest Celebrity Hair Trends
Speaking of something and that -- and I love that there are a lot of cool really cool summer. Trash is out there everybody's just getting back from. Brazil. By watching the world. It is our Segway so let's -- into UV sales. -- or what some of the coolest -- because you know why I want my hair to look like Cecilia -- I need to find out about -- -- yesterday yeah stared at some clearly aren't. Any given topic is well familiar mrs. Stevens guests along the AKA vis a -- got up and let me tell you wouldn't you make it easy -- we have to do anything you're just talking about real World Cup I was SaaS of the World Cup. Yes I -- soccer but I. Not an -- with -- about the guys for me to yeah not -- -- I didn't look at the tell us about the first hot trend that's not -- Yeah wise you know the World Cup I mean here trend of the biggest thing you know people like these guys are great players but their hair and that's puts it to the limits. So we all know love Cristiano Ronaldo who wasn't what woman with a lot of I don't know in the studio with a civil that in fact Iranian threat there there -- -- -- -- half half half yet from the -- athletic and as you can see here this is actually rain although my model which is pre existing critics category. So unique thing about this look is this deep part -- -- here as you can see here in the side of that. -- kind of part that in there -- what really stands out nice Mason's -- throughout the sides and back. And really really -- just kind of -- that you jelly he's happiest. But this is really at this is really -- this -- the look to get it you know more people are becoming more bold and daring with their parents just -- -- trends such as the -- I like that as a black -- I've always wondered what does. Yeah. Yeah I've always -- Finally the way to -- -- OJ gentleman yeah. I -- -- -- like in general and okay over here we haven't been clean Brad Pitt Matt from -- that's the look on this big picnic. Only if a black man yeah. Yeah. This is becoming such a huge strategist -- what people referring to as the under -- -- they get the undercuts basically everything under here is basically cut. And again we're going that deep -- -- -- so everything. Under what I had another thing and nothing gets it's basically just cause it seemed down so everything underneath the -- actually cut that's what's phone call the -- What's cool about this -- you can -- is dressed up public. Hipster business -- New -- yourself then and he can Wear this you know an office environment you can Wear this article you know hang out -- -- really really popular trend with -- -- really cute and has anybody told you my -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How this look at this. So what do we have him. Well you know suddenly Katy Perry have been and Nicole Richie -- -- here not too long though they've all been sporting it's really really vibrant airport Kelly Osborne. So teeny thing is is -- hair color it's obviously pulled in vibrant but yet to let the where they're here to look at here who were you. So make up as a huge thing here at Disneyland like someone new to talk currently exempt right -- you have to totally change everything your -- depending on when Hillary -- -- break here with the that's a lot and Siemens some of us when yeah. -- rainbow bright got -- -- the F so -- -- also she's actually professional sales consultant. And yet she got more business -- more attention because of her hair. And -- -- think we can Wear blue -- of the office now if you want to get to -- -- them but I legal -- I -- coming I think you do if you Apolo more. Everyone gets it right into -- popular I -- -- -- -- tomorrow. Rick fire -- yeah and -- -- -- all know it's a performance of grain -- that they don't have to be driven. Well now the thing about this is it is a huge process to get this done it's not to put blue color pink. -- -- to strip the -- -- the -- and if so then you put color on top that's what is a lot of maintenance is lot of work to keeping her -- itself. You know it's not just went through three but but if you can pull off where well -- have a -- -- you're wearing now wanna move to this young lady right over there -- you know what I. I'm mad -- you hide behind hadn't I know I'm mad at you. This was my hairstyle last year. -- didn't tell anybody the whole thing the whole thing. -- wolf when senate candidates come back is this these are real these -- -- ends of the Walt out. This it's it's real the real -- and beautiful and touching -- -- like. -- really pretty. But the unique thing about this is one of the biggest trends in hair color is called the sombre coming everyone's heard the Albright and basically -- call that's -- down and it goes -- or -- later or vice Versa. But the key things have been talking bold vibrant colors I mean look at this it's beautiful tux and you know balloons -- -- Greens -- really nice beautiful colors and we're seeing lots of of celebrities where -- -- casino and Demi Lovato is always pushing out her exit here to the extreme. Card actually effect yet highly Jenner has done -- really really -- really pretty look. So but the thing with this it also requires the maintenance to -- the operate look because it's more natural. You can get away with a little longer let it -- out so you have to make him something like what we just saw haven't seen. Yeah -- you -- company would say I loved the green for the first two weeks and now I'm sick of it what do right can't. Yet with any kind of Terkel like this it's a big process that's corrective coloring if -- -- -- -- but it can be done littlest wanna do I mean I would suggest going to want to get done. Because. We're you know we're professionals we can do it if you -- -- home that's when he gets little risky. That's -- -- looking like me. Finally you know I love -- by the way and -- minute -- minute and -- yeah. Now what was a white man I yeah. I bald man yeah. So -- you have -- -- which is better. I know what happens -- As as you can see here this is something worked very very subtle. Beautiful pink. Kind of streaks and also got some blue with we're here to which is really cool but there is the secret to this because she's -- she's a college student. Just having the resources to kind of you know make a commitment to these -- clip in extensions. He's acted within his. Tomorrow -- -- let's take care -- the yeah. Also look at this for the that gives holiday beautiful and -- could give you updates -- a lot of you -- that's -- investigative journalism we'll get. That's how big. I -- It's actually a 100% are giving him this is from here or part of Stockholm a 100% human hair okay let you know that works and YouTube page yes you have strong and I dot com song gotta come YouTube dot com slash -- longtime. Definitely -- one right an unbelievably. Brutal crime Marleau. A lot easier to -- -- --

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"From the \"Macklemore\" to bold, vibrant colors, @TheSalonGuy shows off the trendy hairstyles. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24598911","title":"Summer's Hottest Celebrity Hair Trends","url":"/GMA/video/summers-hottest-celebrity-hair-trends-24598911"}