Super Bowl 2013: Countdown to Kick Off

The big game between San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens is only hours away.
4:38 | 02/03/13

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Transcript for Super Bowl 2013: Countdown to Kick Off
aspca hot line. Asap. The clock is kicking down to the kickoff of super bowl xlvii, THE RAVENS AGAINST THE 49ers, East coast against west coast and the man "gma" anchor josh elliott who we saw genuflecting at the top of the show. Good morning, sir. Reporter: Dan, good morning to you. Good morning, everybody. Was that a cat swimming? Yes, it was. You missed it. Reporter: Wow. How does one follow a swimming cat? One comes here to new orleans, allow me to proselytize and perhaps my voice is testament to it. There is no city that hosts a super bowl quite like the biggest of easies and let me tell you as we look ahead to super bowl xlvii, now hours away, ah, it has never been a better time to be here as it all now comes to a head tonight. With just hours to go until kickoff, super bowl mania in new orleans is in the air. Almost 200,000 fans have come to the city this weekend, some still getting their tickets. BETWEEN THE SAN FRANCISCO 49ers And the baltimore ravens. Who is the favorite to win? It would be a fifth super bowl title for san francisco. While if the ravens win linebacker ray lewis will leave with a second super bowl victory in his 17-year career. This will definitely be the first win for a coach named harbaugh. Either ravens coach, john or 49ers COACH JIM WILL TRIUMPH IN The first super bowl coached by a pair of brothers. Who's better than us? Nobody. Reporter: But not everyone is tuning in to root for the men on the field. This year's studded performances include alicia keys singing the national anthem. And though beyonce has already proven it, yes, she can sing by herself. The question remains, will she sing with a reunited destiny's child come halftime. There are always the ads. This year's crop, buzzi and controversial as ever. More so than kate upton's provocative mercedes commercial which cost almost $4 million for just 30 seconds. What did you think when you got the call for a super bowl commercial. It's a fun spot. Why wouldn't I want be to I part of it. Reporter: I need a prediction. I'M PULLING FOR THE 49er Reporter: All right. Perhaps merced' ceo steve shannon put it best in his hope for what will happen. I'm mostly rooting for a close game. Reporter: I think steve spoke for all of us in saying that we all hope for a big game and we -- if we get it we'll be getting it here again in this tremendous really quintessential american city in new orleans, nobody better by the way to show us to us than one emeril lagasse. Sam and i, a big tour from the man they call around here big chef. Way to make us jealous, josh. Help me out. You're a sports buffer. Give me the cliff notes version of what I need to know if I go to a party about this game that makes museum that -- Reporter: Well, bianna, i have you. It is essentially not just a clash of cultures or really even styles, this is really nfl present versus nfl future. In the ravens a big strong armed traditional quarterback in joe flacco looking to throw the ball deep downfield, take advantage of a weak san francisco secondary. IN THE 49ers, HOWEVER, THEY HAVE A young speedster. A second year quarterback named named colin kaepernick in a new offense, pistol offense, a running quarterback offense in which the quarterback decides do I hand the ball off or keep it myself and take it to the house? It's going to be interesting to see which wins out, but always, guy, always remember this, as so many super bowls have, it will come down to a battle of turnovers, the team that turns the ball over fewer times will almost certainly win what should be a decidedly close game. You couldn't see this but bianna was writing pistol offense and nfl future. No, you know what, I can't go on without sayin I'm rooting for coach harbaugh's team, right? Fair enough. Reporter: Not at all. What a wonderful family. I had the chance to talk to sara harbaugh last night, the wife of SAN FRANCISCO 49ers COACH JIM. As he intense as he and his brother is last night playing with the kids getting ready for history just hours from now. We'll see you later. Thanks so much.

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{"id":18390471,"title":"Super Bowl 2013: Countdown to Kick Off","duration":"4:38","description":"The big game between San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens is only hours away.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-2013-countdown-kick-off-18390471","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}