Super Bowl 2013: New Orleans Ready for Big Game

Josh Elliott is in New Orleans to get ready for the biggest sporting event of the year.
2:32 | 02/01/13

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Transcript for Super Bowl 2013: New Orleans Ready for Big Game
Counting down to the super bowl. More than 100 million americans will tune in for the game, the ads, and beyonce. Your tailgate party has begun. It has. It began almost a day ago when we flew down here with robin. More on that in a bit. The countdown to the kickoff of the game. So much excitement here. For a super bowl that has already made history on the sidelines. Brothers faces off, going head to head. Regardless who goes home a champion on sunday night, the biggest of easies knows how to get it done. ♪ even though it wont be the new orleans saints marching into their superdome come sunday, the city and the people are alight with southern hospitality. Almost 200,000 fans are expected to arrive for superxlvii BETWEEN THE SAN FRANCISCO 49ers And the baltimore ravens. The fans are mixing the pageantry of carnival on bourbon street with the sheer love of good old american football. Much of the excitement for the super bowl this year comes from the head coaching matchup between the harbaugh brothers. 49ers COACH JIM AND RAVENS COACH John. Separated by a mere 15 months. Jim is a competitive guy. He'll come to compete. Think he's probably the best in the national football league. Reporter: They're the first brothers to ever coach against each other for a major american sports championship. And a historymaking game that many have dubbed the harbowl. Who did it better than us? All: Nobody! Reporter: With each brother at his professional pinnacle at the same moment, the entire harbaugh clan is celebrating. They are who they are. I'm proud of them for that. Hopefully, when the game's over, they're going have a smile on their faces. Reporte, IT'S GOING TO Be such a sight. Mom and dad will be happy for at least one of their sons. Our friends at espn have the super bowl covered. Analysts weighing in on everything you need to know. Do not miss the four-hour super bowl edition of "sunday nfl countdown" with boomer and the gang.

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{"id":18374775,"title":"Super Bowl 2013: New Orleans Ready for Big Game","duration":"2:32","description":"Josh Elliott is in New Orleans to get ready for the biggest sporting event of the year.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-2013-orleans-ready-baltimore-ravens-san-18374775","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}