Super Tailgating Party: Best Snacks to Make

Anne Burrell cooks up some tasty foods to eat while watching the big game.
3:23 | 01/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super Tailgating Party: Best Snacks to Make
super bowl in new orleans. We have anne burrell here. A lot of super bowl snacks coming up. Congratulations in order. You're getting may. Reporter:ED. I have the spectrum covered. I go from professional chef to looking for a job to the worst of the worst home cooks and everything in between. What are we starting with now. We're doing our main thing since the super bowl is on sunday, we're doing snax. I'm starting off with something that can be versatile. It's a sweet and spicy sausage rago ush t. If you wanted to do a pasta dish or, what I like to do, I do it on nachos. Sounds good. First some onions. And secelery, and fennel, and a little bit of garlic. We brown it, brown it, brown it. It tastes good. We add if a bunch of sweet and spicy sausage. Or if you wanted to just be sweet or -- all right. They're excited about the sausage. If you wanted to go sweet or all spicy. We have wine and tomato paste. You can do this for just about anything. In achos or pasta or whatever you want. We have this all cooked together. We add a bunch of water. You can do a big pot, do it ahead. Even better on the next day, right? Yes. Or last week and put it in the freezer. That looks good. You want to give it a taste? Yeah, I'll give you a taste right now. Am I congress to good? They're amazing. The turkey burgers, because we have supersecret flavor weapons in there. We add a little water. The moisture comes from the water. Right? Turkey burgers. Before we get to the finish. Tell me about the south beach food and wine festival. It's an event I look forward to every year. You know, it goes for no kid hungry. It's a great charity event. It's superfun. You see all people if the food network. Chefs from all over the country. It's like spring break. You spoon it all on top. Pickled onions. Right. Tell me about them. Pickled onions. Are they hard to do. You see pickled things. They pop. They do pop. What are we doing with the pickle? It's a superquick pickle. Red wine vinegar, salt, sugar, a little tabasco and water. Soak for 20 pin outs, done. Turkey sliders. Pardon me, elizabeth. Don't miss anne on chef wanted. Worst cook in america on food NETWORK, PREMIERING ON THE 17th. We'll be right back.

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{"id":18353642,"title":"Super Tailgating Party: Best Snacks to Make","duration":"3:23","description":"Anne Burrell cooks up some tasty foods to eat while watching the big game.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-2013-recipes-tailgating-party-snacks-18353642","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}