Super Bowl Ads: Early Reviews

David Wright reports on the early advertising blitz that has everybody buzzing.
3:12 | 02/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super Bowl Ads: Early Reviews
The Super Bowl -- extravaganza is starting earlier than ever this year with advertisers releasing all kinds of -- like that Ferris -- flashback. To get more bang for the big bucks are shelling out. ABC's David Wright joins us now with the commercial blitz that everyone is talking about. -- your pitching your product to the biggest TV audience of all time -- to go with what works. Lots of dogs. And we have a late entry and they missed a quickening. Some kids this is the -- to me I'm watching you watching man and a lot slobbering is Willard and these are -- on -- -- not Super Bowl ads cost a 1161000. Dollars per second. So advertisers want the biggest bang for the buck. They -- -- using their abstinence. This kind of a no brainer of the -- if it were that easy advertisers wouldn't have to hired Don Draper sex shops and soon. Just so you know people who talk that way think that monkeys. Kunduz which is not to say sex doesn't itself. Everything from story goes so I -- To dot com's -- knows hot Holland -- paint. Model Adriana Lima sold so much Victoria's Secret underwear in past years this year she's -- Cars for Kia and flowers for tell flora she is like more roles the Ryan Gosling she's not the only Super Bowl supermodel this year there's also David Beckham. I like your average Super Bowl -- is a big David Beckham back. I think those -- diagrams don't overlap very much but female viewers need eye candy to not to mention gags in addition to the beer ads and here's a yogurt spot. That ends in the head but. He'll be -- that are targeted more towards the growing -- audience than the probably ever have before. This year a lot of the ads are online already as companies try to build buzz -- of the game. Volkswagen had such success last year -- -- Darth Vader ad. This year Darth Vader plus dogs. Ten million hits and counting. Every conceivable car company is now getting in on the act you and from vampire slaying how these. Two Suzuki is hot new eskimos -- I can I get my CRV -- -- please Honda is banking on the goodwill that comes from terrorist view. Matthew Broderick is very appealing the movie again it resonates with a lot of people I think that -- that had to do well. -- pretty fast. You stop to look around -- -- well. Buzz has been huge so far but not everyone is a fan much cooler when it was a firm that's correct yes but but but. -- -- I don't know the same thing whatever works for Good Morning America David Wright ABC news policy you're still here. Better to do. -- --

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"David Wright reports on the early advertising blitz that has everybody buzzing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15487422","title":"Super Bowl Ads: Early Reviews","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-commercials-2012-sneak-peek-early-reviews-15487422"}