Super Bowl Countdown: New York vs. New England

Josh Elliott reports on the Boston-New York rivalry in the 2012 Super Bowl.
3:16 | 02/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super Bowl Countdown: New York vs. New England
-- I got a straight -- Indianapolis Josh is live out their first Super Bowl blowout proof read -- showdown between the giants and patriots look at that smile I. Hey guys how how I first market weakness doesn't -- there's chicken wing cupcakes I'm still trying to gather myself accuracy and does what on -- Was bad of course. Chicken wing cupcakes can only mean one thing Super Bowl 46 it is this Sunday will be really America's de facto secular high holy day reflecting the national -- in character and -- be two teams from the northeast corridor playing and -- and when you think new York and New England you'd normally think yankees and Red Sox but this Sunday. Think again. This weekend's biggest -- games his. Isn't just a rematch between rival football teams and their star quarterbacks. It's also class. East Coast tight. -- -- -- Heroes vs the -- Daniel hall vs Carnegie Hall. -- -- -- the good about it and of course the Yankees vs the Red Sox. When -- Boston New York they're used to yankees Red Sox how much of that rivalry -- and that this. There's always argument -- in New York. The sports fans the rivalries there and it's really no different specially this year. Even though the Red Sox finally got over the -- beat the Yankees. I think. It's fair to say busted that's been a lot more time to -- about new York and New York -- been -- about. We'll travel to the midwest perhaps proving once and for all. How does a giants -- compared to a patriots fan. Well I think patriots -- probably want to fight more. Very passionate people. And they love their patriot. Las Vegas bookmakers they beat the patriots slight favorite but for a lot of fans this. More than touchdown. -- -- -- -- -- well. My head says the giants are the better team on Paper bag. We say is being what they are the game isn't played -- -- Where I've been here in my whole life Josh defense wins championships. Give the patriots win the Super -- -- -- the call BS that forever. Of course -- -- patriots do it and there will be a lot of Red Sox fans. Who for one Sunday were free and how about baseball and be happy for Tom Brady and company got to -- -- isn't that the atmosphere there and -- Josh. Yeah let's say I was out last night and Iowa California and I didn't really close up on the -- it's a little bit -- Researchers I was doing reasons. That I can tie the fans are already here and a preliminary my preliminary research proves correct. It's the giants that are traveling this hearing. All right. Joshua thank you very much -- well represented here in the studio as well. We've got and scouting. Yeah everything --

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Josh Elliott reports on the Boston-New York rivalry in the 2012 Super Bowl.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15504866","title":"Super Bowl Countdown: New York vs. New England","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-countdown-york-england-15504866"}