Super Bowl Quarterbacks Speak Out Before Big Game

Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning and Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton were the stars of Super Bowl 50's Opening Night.
2:04 | 02/02/16

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Transcript for Super Bowl Quarterbacks Speak Out Before Big Game
It is 7:42. We are just days away from super bowl Sunday and let's hope this isn't a sign for the broncos. Their team bus in a crash after practice at Stanford stadium. A close call, no one thankfully was hurt. Both teams also participated in the NFL's first ever opening night and now both quarterbacks are speaking out about each other. ABC's Ryan smith has it all. The Carolina panthers are nfc champions. Reporter: Let the games begin. Denver wins it. Heading to super bowl 50. Reporter: Super bowl 50, just days away and star quarterbacks Peyton manning of the broncos and cam newton of the panthers ready to roll. Well, we got a great football team. I want to win just one, just this one. Reporter: At the super bowl's annual pregame circus, known as opening night, both players heaping praise on each other. You don't go 17-1 as a starting quarterback without being awesome. Peyton manning will always be an all-time great. Reporter: The 39-year-old manning one of the best quarterbacks of all time, a five-time mvp and San Bernardino champion playing in a game that according to this exchange caught by showtime's "Inside the NFL" at the championships could be his last. Listen, this may be my last rodeo so sure has been a pleasure. This could be it. I'm aware this could be it. Reporter: Taking on newton, a 26-year-old dabbing, dancing dual threat passing with accuracy. Running with ease. Making big plays and big fashion trends like those vibrant Versace pants going for around 850 bucks but he's also known for his big heart. Remember Michael other from "The blind side." Team is your family. Reporter: He found himself without a team and newton texted him saying he needed him to protect his blind side on the field. He wanted me here and you know that meant a lot. Reporter: The success of the broncos and panthers hinging on their big-time quarterbacks in the biggest game of all. For "Good morning America," Ryan smith, ABC news, New York. It is, it's going to be

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning and Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton were the stars of Super Bowl 50's Opening Night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36661254","title":"Super Bowl Quarterbacks Speak Out Before Big Game","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-quarterbacks-speak-big-game-36661254"}