Super Bowl Side Dishes: Emeril Lagasse's Ultimate Cheese Dip

Star chef cooks up mouth-watering, game-day grub for tailgate parties.
3:25 | 02/01/13

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Transcript for Super Bowl Side Dishes: Emeril Lagasse's Ultimate Cheese Dip
coming up. And we have emeril. And emeril, what do we got, buddy? Let me tell you. In the top ten this weekend, dips. We're going make a dip. We have gumbo, because we're in new orleans. All right. I see, we got a lot of cheese. A lot of cheese. Fantastic. I'm not arguing. Get me started here. What we're going to do first of all, in the top ten food groups, this week end, is the second most consumed food holiday consider the super bowl as a holiday, in the country. Yes. Think that's good. What we're going to do is start with a roux. Equal parts of butter and flour. We're going cook that roux like I'm doing here. That's what we're going to be -- it's going to cook like that. Slow. We're going add lots of garlic. Lots of shallots in here. And then to that roux, once that sort of perfumes a little bit, we're going to add some cream. You can add milk. Very light as you know. No cal. Very light. Seasonings, salt, cayenne. And we're going to whisk that in here. Whisk that in here. After about ten minutes, it's incorporated. It looks like this. Oh, looks so good. Now watch. Cheese. Come on. Come on. More cheese. More cheese. More cheese like this, too? Whisk it in. Stir it in. I'm stirring. Emmitt, get in here, emmitt. What's up, baby. True story. By the way. I'm walking out of your restaurant last night, stopped by the table, emmitt myth is dining there. You stopped by his table because of his beautiful wife. That's right. Now we have -- oh, that smells good. We're going incorporate this. You can dip pretzels, chips, beef jerky. Really? Here we go. Emmitt. I gotta -- is this worth ending playing career for? This is why I don't want to play in the game. Josh, give me a ladle. Let me have a bowl. All right, you got a spoon? Did you use some of this right here? Yes, yes. Here you go. We're going serve that with a little rice. Serve it with a little rice, brother. This is when I really hate my job. This is tough. Really really tough. This is duck and smoked sausage gumbo here. Let's hook up emmitt. A smoon, a little rice. It's amazing. But it's hot. What do you think? We're cooking here, josh. I mean, whoo! And delicious. Are you ready for some, too? How long. I just learned something. I'm going wait. No, no, no. Mix in the rice. It cools down the temperature a little bit.

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{"id":18375728,"title":"Super Bowl Side Dishes: Emeril Lagasse's Ultimate Cheese Dip ","duration":"3:25","description":"Star chef cooks up mouth-watering, game-day grub for tailgate parties.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-side-dishes-emeril-lagasses-ultimate-cheese-18375728","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}