Great Grub for the Big Game

Chef Josh Capon and Dwight Freeney make the perfect Super Bowl snacks.
3:38 | 01/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Great Grub for the Big Game
Had five days. The Super Bowl Sunday the giants facing the patriots and we have Super Bowl champion and an all -- -- -- -- to make us some great. Grub. Of course he is an all pro with the Indianapolis Colts he is Dwight Freeney. He it is. They wind -- right here in New York welcome guys and -- we want to get everything we see we. Had a coin toss before you elected to -- First -- civil. So what are we I would be thrown together -- -- You know we got some live modes no wind coming in Bloomfield won't totally go -- -- -- we got a little garlic we have little. Oil we have got only resumes -- whose sauce. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- my feet up yeah. Plus you know says king watching those guys go after it sounds good to be honest -- I can't find -- -- -- -- room there's always -- estimated the White House. -- the going to be miserable city possible regret that regret -- have a lot of places like a great people good lot of great events. Knowing -- -- is really gonna bring out their best and a beautiful new stadium of course to showcase and and quite get. As we have prepared these -- Georgia what -- -- gave me to quit in this. I mean I think part of I think -- -- high -- -- -- you know I think you know the pitchers have. You know a lot of weapons yeah they'll have been no huddle offense we've faced them unfortunately we lost. -- what you know. Giants have a review but the lines yeah yeah yeah that front -- -- comedy prince -- guy -- -- -- -- giants -- so. -- -- the man. -- -- -- Going to that he meant it twice a plus so that's easy to use of these -- what what are we seeing here. -- he's got a quick marriage going gaga jerk right to know like who are -- Perkins in America the wings and so that the recipes online. He's gonna throw when a bad fire overnight -- overnight Laura Wright is right I don't see us law passed -- to you marinate the more fully really get in. -- a big and she'd get him in the oven bake until beautiful golden brown. And you're good to go. David Super Bowl that's the way not meddling definitely -- -- -- -- -- the ones I've worked on the -- -- sliders. But added there's a lot of work to get that into the title of the Sargent Bob it is the brisket yeah also they say would barbecued -- would slow yeah yeah. The stuff that you have in the -- all day long column have probably are served dislike dislike of the meat that -- -- -- escalated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A source lies and and off and -- him to me obviously go against the grain all right part of my hero of the Taylor rule if you will. Lather about the little dean Joseph Mayo made some artists say may old names it's all right well look normalize that if -- -- -- -- for the -- -- I don't think he's definitely -- I mean come on -- -- I don't. Are we mad about it -- it all about the giant red -- will Eli get a second. I think he will -- well. And I think it's kind of nice knowing audited by keyboard patent as obvious view of the legends but I think it's kind of nice way of unfolding in -- house. You know little brother Big Brother kind of thing I think -- is some of special report that I've always been -- -- I mean you're our chief. And you've got two sons and they both go on to do what they both I'm proud father in these delicious again. You got a slider here -- Shiva Danny get that she's on that we got a little prayer away. The ticket all the recipes. That you ought to hold party you got a Good Morning America dot com. Quit Dwight Ellison is chaired Hollywood -- that I have for growth yeah you know it's -- support network Africa there's a big round going on. United Nations found refugee camps out there and you know the girls walked thirty days did food water you know and his -- to bring their lives back them.

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{"id":15478772,"title":"Great Grub for the Big Game","duration":"3:38","description":"Chef Josh Capon and Dwight Freeney make the perfect Super Bowl snacks.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-snack-recipes-great-grub-big-game-15478772","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}