Super Bowl Snack Stadium Revealed

Buzzfeed employees join "GMA" to showcase snack platter built for the big championship game.
3:00 | 01/28/14

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Transcript for Super Bowl Snack Stadium Revealed
buzz feed so during their 47-layer dip from a year ago one ingredient better and allowing me to use the skinniest of all Mikes, a pretzel stick. The snackadium. Emily, I begin with you. Uh-huh. Where did this idea from what circle of hell did this spring? I'll tell you, the internet. The best circle of hell. There are so many people that actually make these at home now actually like nowhere near this big, of course, but let me tell you, if you think that constructing a field goal out of beef jerky isn't as demanding as playing a super bowl, you're wrong A lot of back story and I will share it with you. Take a look. ♪ Reporter: It's game day grub brought to life. They call it the snackadium and for extreme snackers, it's a foodies' Frankenstein's monster. Taking everyday household items from foil trays to cardboard boxes and crock pots and adding your favorite snacking staples. Chips and salsa, full-on hoagies, an inexpensive way to dress up your table and get that party started. The internet all abuzz with examples of these elaborate snackadiums a potpourri of PETA, pretzels, pigs in the blanket proving the sky is the limit for creative concoctions aimed at tantalizing the taste buds in the end zone. And ensuring that this super bowl Sunday, you will truly be eating like a champion. ♪ so, Rachel, again, last year we saw 47-layer dip. You could burrow through the ingredients but so much more. How much trial and error to get this going? You know, it's all up to the builder of the snackadium, honestly so put whatever you want in it and the glory of this compared to 9 dip, you can get to the thing you like best right away. You don't have to dig through all of those layers. Sometimes you had to wade a couple layers. I'll be back when you get to the refried beans. Emily, favorite ingredient other than, of course, your beef injure ki goalpost. Pigs in the blanket. Did you notice the stage with the chilly peppers and the Mars bar. For Bruno Mars, very inspired. So, you guys, you mentioned the internet. What didn't make the cut? Into this? Some chips that we don't really think are up to the standard of the snackadium. We cut a lot of the vegetables. There's something green, exactly. Who is going to go for that. I do like again you mentioned you have a do it yourself sandwich bar on this side. Light, so you start with bread and fill it up going this way, condiments. A little dessert and over there for the crudite like any snacker. Folks at buzzfeed, awesome. Well done. The food, meanwhile, all being donated to area pantries so not to worry there. I cannot wait for super bowl xlix.

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{"id":22263819,"title":"Super Bowl Snack Stadium Revealed","duration":"3:00","description":"Buzzfeed employees join \"GMA\" to showcase snack platter built for the big championship game.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-snack-stadium-revealed-22263819","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}