Super Bowl Sunday: Countdown to the Big Game

Josh Elliott weighs in on the teams about to go head to head on the gridiron.
3:27 | 02/05/12

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Transcript for Super Bowl Sunday: Countdown to the Big Game
Today is the day super Sunday here we go secular holy day for many Americans scores will be settled. Fatty foods will be can sounded funny TV commercials will be viewed in dissected very carefully. There just aren't enough superlatives to describe this event suffice to say it's the biggest game on the planet is that enough -- enough yeah yeah glared at our ever. At our Josh Elliott is an Indianapolis where thousands of loyal giants and patriots fans have these ended good morning judge. Syrian reader get it was Cancun Mexico. But I think it was 85 degree isn't -- ginger I did it that's not true 39 degrees apparently it's gonna -- to 39 degrees that's -- Obama that. I'm how are you all of course we -- think Boston and New York you tend to think Red Sox and yankees but -- Kansas said. For one day he secular high holy day of the American sporting calendar Boston and New York mean something altogether different. Battle. Heading west for fight of their lives. Champion sports bar is a haven this week for giants fans their team is actually seeing just next door. So grabbing a drink here may mean getting a glimpse of star quarterback Eli Manning our defensive end Justin -- Yeah yeah. We go all the way out from -- New Jersey ten hours in the car to see the giants yeah. Yeah. The -- the only fans willing to spend multiple hours behind the wheel and on the road patriots fans as well. Often their cars have been rolling in all weekend long bridge -- -- from Boston. -- drove for Boston. What's the drive. Top Fortuna Basra hotel on Richmond Indiana an -- -- to hear it. They went by it was like five seconds. Fans of Tom Brady Bill Belichick see this as an opportunity for revenge after that -- eighteen and one year. The one loss coming in Super Bowl 42 at the hands of the giants. Patriots supporters gathered at stadium to -- -- Lucas Oil field. Bar its owner has dedicated to their -- -- is new York and box of what element is that. For the game we're gonna see -- today -- it's huge army New York Boston. -- the rivalry of the entire country there is no bigger rivalry in Boston in New York on -- -- The giants fans may count on some home cooking colts fans all say they're rooting for colts quarterback Peyton Manning's little brother. To take home a second -- drove. I think you hawks fan but yeah it will -- maiden. It had not gonna -- it is freezing out here right out. Beyond just a follow up I will say this is it this has been I've covered I think ten super -- now by far. The -- host city get people here have been wonderful and while the patriots fans and giants fans have traveled in pretty equal numbers. Really the colts fans are out in force and to that and they are rooting for -- younger brother Eli. To take -- a second Lombardi trophy right there are two New York City --

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{"id":15516737,"title":"Super Bowl Sunday: Countdown to the Big Game","duration":"3:27","description":"Josh Elliott weighs in on the teams about to go head to head on the gridiron. ","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-sunday-countdown-big-game-15516737","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}