Stewart Buys Celeb 'Pre-Chew'

Stewart spends Colbert super PAC funds on an omelet chewed by the celebrity chef
2:00 | 01/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stewart Buys Celeb 'Pre-Chew'
Sometimes there are no words. George this actually all began on your programs even called Bayer not only coming aboard and saying -- he is he's gonna explore his options. And perhaps. -- a search for the Republican nomination for president well he. Deciding -- supper super -- and decided to turn that over to Jon Stewart and last night. Stewart decided to spend some of those campaign funds on well this is caught up. Very special delivery take a look. For a -- that -- Eggs that is. Obviously and looks delicious. But there is much for me to say yet tonight. I need to preserve my jaw strengthening. As you know my saliva is considered currency in South America. They treat you is going to cost you double -- -- ridiculous and almost criminal ways and the peoples super back money I'll do it. Okay. Okay -- Josh would've been. Okay. -- -- Just I am not a new. Wall. In my defense. One staffer here said well I think it's really funny but I have the comic sensibilities of the twelve year old boy. I didn't point out that you know there aren't a lot of twelve -- is really watching the program day and the day after maybe that'll change may be in some horrible horrible. Battleship rather -- -- -- I can't prove it up very likable and this off.

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{"id":15377500,"title":"Stewart Buys Celeb 'Pre-Chew'","duration":"2:00","description":"Stewart spends Colbert super PAC funds on an omelet chewed by the celebrity chef","url":"/GMA/video/super-pac-money-buys-jon-stewart-mario-batali-15377500","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}