Super Tuesday: Battle Over Social Issues?

Matthew Dowd on why the GOP is focusing on contraceptives over the economy.
1:45 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Super Tuesday: Battle Over Social Issues?
If you -- can we all know Ohio the big prize -- Romney goes a long Richardson's nomination. If he wins but what -- watching tonight I think the other two of the ten states that we should look at our first -- Tennessee Tennessee is the place at Mitt Romney actually has the opportunity. To win a southern state he has to showing some strength in this country in in this process of winning a southern state Tennessee is the place -- -- -- And if Rick Santorum loses Ohio the only other place really that he can show that you still in the game is Tennessee and the other places Georgia. George I think is the place where Newt Gingrich could be -- Lazarus again. Win big and still stay in this race of Georgia watch Tennessee and Georgia if he loses smell like anything loses he's got to get out meanwhile the -- Mitt Romney. We're seeing he's doing the new ABC news post poll. He's doing better with conservatives overall but he's still under water on this question of favorability. With the broader electorate by about ten points yet that's a big problem in this process is only hurt him -- to paraphrase Shakespeare he hopes to -- Ends the winter of his discontent in the course of this process he has to get out of through this process. In Begin to rebuild his image -- is he's probably in one of the worst positions -- Republican candidate has been. Winning the nomination going into a general my son Josh is newscast could perhaps turn 101000 jobs created this month. People believe the economy is getting better yet you look at the numbers that show people now think the economy's growing -- gap at the start -- this process was 28 points. And now it's a very small -- so people think the economy's going. Not the place Barack Obama needs it to win reelection. But in a much better position for him and it complicates Mitt Romney's message on the economy where the passion the anger has dissipated on it. And we expect the president talk about that in his press conference 1 o'clock sentiment that thanks very much. -- and ABC tonight Diane Stern Iowa full coverage of the Super Tuesday showdown -- our powerhouse. Political team all night --

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{"id":15856058,"title":"Super Tuesday: Battle Over Social Issues?","duration":"1:45","description":"Matthew Dowd on why the GOP is focusing on contraceptives over the economy.","url":"/GMA/video/super-tuesday-battle-social-issues-15856058","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}