Super Tuesday: Mitt Romney Wins Key Races

John Berman breaks down the big primary election night results.
2:50 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Super Tuesday: Mitt Romney Wins Key Races
Let's call it super early Wednesday -- it take to count the votes last night you know overall some impressive numbers for Mitt Romney last sentence is -- Tuesday backed up twice as many states. See it right there he -- coast to coast and so many states twice as many delegates all important delegates as Rick Santorum but he doesn't appear to have the knockout blow -- is hoping for Robin because. That battleground state of Ohio was so close it couldn't be any closer right now that Buckeye State look at the big prize on Super Tuesday one. Percent separation between Romney and Santorum right now and states still not declaring a winner ABC news we're just calling it an apparent win that is. 8000 votes -- -- -- -- really close -- -- could be an automatic recounts -- keep a close -- on that let's get right to what this all means your voice your vote with ABC's John -- And -- from one angle is pretty sweeping win for Mitt Romney last -- six states across the country from another angle the definition of winning ugly. You know we -- up all night watching these votes come in George in May and was it close. I -- to make Mitt Romney's heart skip a beat and that could be a metaphor here Mitt Romney won more states more delegates but his problem might not be with -- But with part. Overnight Mitt Romney was still standing on a primary stage -- it's clear he desperately wants to be playing in the general election arena. To the millions of Americans who look around the can only see jobs they can't get. And bills that they but they can't pay I have a message. You have not failed. You have a president that's failed you and that's okay. Those few extra votes in Ohio crucial in his quest to stump -- Rick Santorum and start finding Barack Obama. -- November 6. We're gonna stand united. Not only having one election. But having saved a future. Santorum who did manage wins in three states down to -- on when they thought -- OK he's finally finished. We keep coming back. And yes Newt Gingrich had his moment -- Winning his home state of Georgia. There are lots of money ravaged Iran through I'm. The tortoise. It will be an uphill battle for both against Romney's money his organization it is near insurmountable delegate -- And so we'll go day by day step by step door by door. Heart to heart bush court might be Romney's problem 51% in Ohio -- Now Ronnie insiders told me overnight that there was apparently huge relief that they won Ohio. -- -- on delegates and -- they really have this race all but locked up they know how he lost their he'd be battling a huge perception problem. The problem he can't close the deal especially since there are a number of states coming up in this helping Kansas they could be really tough for.

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{"id":15866501,"title":"Super Tuesday: Mitt Romney Wins Key Races","duration":"2:50","description":"John Berman breaks down the big primary election night results.","url":"/GMA/video/super-tuesday-mitt-romney-wins-key-races-vermont-15866501","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}