After Super Bowl Comes Parties, and Then Valentine's Day

Billy Dec discusses his big game after-party experience and shares a great gift idea for your loved ones.
3:00 | 02/03/14

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Transcript for After Super Bowl Comes Parties, and Then Valentine's Day
Let's get to be the funds yet lots of -- does this week and lots of excitement in Times Square and Billy Jack is here from. Let them nicely to implement the fire went from Chicago I love that we haven't Chicago guy here with us with the Chicago Bears hat with. The restaurant here CEO of rocket range productions Billy now first of all let's talk about -- -- I -- you -- -- -- party. I expert yeah I actually -- I had to -- for work purposes I had to attend a number apart only to those who are. Art. -- -- ESPN party gas and flags and party I was -- -- That was that yes I would ask those parties as well tell me about it I would say that Kenya and Lamar grounded -- At both he was actually everywhere he -- after parties at different clubs and stuff like that. But I would say -- ESPN party was pretty cool because -- you know Robin think was there they went all out on the budget and as far as production is concerned. And tons of celebrities and neighbor athletes at the camera -- maxim party now is a little crazy because. I think he had searched for something has always -- Barack that's -- Holyfield Reggie Bush and I hang out heads yes he -- -- the and that's what's cool about Super Bowl. -- -- -- got the dinner is that that was the Gatorade there -- conflict. It all kinds of fun things in this great city of yours because you saw moments to deal yet and unlike other cities that opposed to the Super -- before. It was much -- because in other cities if you're like. In Indiana are your and your and you're in Dallas. It's it's it's concentrated like one or two things and I hear people were just -- -- the city all of. It's like having covered visible since 2000 it's usually that. For better or worse you bring New York to a city. Rights to win this comes here. It was like to -- point it's just never let go it never -- go and usually. ESPN. Tries to find them that literally -- furthest point right from the Super Bowl right hold his party basically because of -- Go here there. And writing your whole life revolves around to that -- -- -- you have to -- out and hear people like -- go here or no here you go here down the so it was it was definitely different experience from an outsider's perspective also wanna say you guys an amazing job for cities like gusts up north without a dome. He told the rest of the world that places like Chicago and -- where does your -- Super Bowl record to. SNL without -- yeah I love your town but that. -- in fact it was my fear is that now you know what you know about this -- -- -- it -- work household it was it. It would how -- was the message Chicago. How cold air tankers and overall I believe it was forty degrees or south that they've got like two out two days -- as a means to you should. But at the Super Bowl it was yeah. If you guys can do it up north anyone -- up north right now -- you. Yeah. They are well Congo. Oh. I was actually when I grow up I grew up in Minneapolis and there was a Super Bowl in Minnesota -- it was snowing outside -- members absolutely freezing and I was a little kid and we walked up all bundled up -- Arsenault. Suits and so here it was really fun doce and did it that you -- -- -- it if you aren't just you know windy night till yeah -- yeah. I mean Detroit did back in 2005 snow drifts taller that I was not told in Cordova told eyewitness and. It was but still you at least the -- -- not be impacted. Why the weather that exists not normal admit -- went ahead I actually didn't. -- suited to decide to go for -- until I saw the weather now heart aches and then at that moment it was not. I actually didn't even have a -- to go with a put on Twitter -- said who wants to go with me. And randomly I got a call from Michelle Williams for -- child who performed last year she said I was in the same thing -- -- make plans. And so we just we just went to the super boy yesterday out there we are. Well right there and getting -- -- like that would yeah I know annually at our guests who was we have candle of friendly back guests who had -- I had the Broncos -- And I lost -- -- -- his part but it was a great game in the great game and -- every minute outside the fuel. We -- and this Hamas here casinos popping out of the staged -- ready right now and -- town that should host to the bulls nor Clinton isn't it time. Tom I can't overstate -- -- -- and we're having. Schools are closing in the Tri-State area there is this is going to shut down affectionate sellout at Ford didn't. I don't know how to hit -- home today but the Super Bowl -- -- attack. I think without -- don't let nor think you can get -- really what it was. 52 degree it was poor is that he's cure -- They were -- more -- in shorts and talk. That's going to be a little batter bites you got a great job -- -- have -- And I live in fear that's halftime all right so what's next for you you know last I was here you know Valentine's -- -- -- -- lower its -- a -- -- think about where you're having dinner what you're getting in the days. I brought this because last analysts here is talking about trends in food and beverage and start talking about super foods and things that are good for you. And there's this new line called super dark. From vote votes chocolates and I just want to sell it to you know -- But it is Chicago. But it's actually worldwide -- -- Chicago but this this is great like -- pomegranate goats and bear reasoning goes neighbors has. Wait -- wait more vitamin C than anything in the entire world that's a huge claim. I think you have more beta carotene in carrots more irons fans -- -- -- integrated really delicious mix in this chocolate recent -- Much of the mortality. It's it's it's not while not all these great -- cypriots and next if you want to get spicy. The heat on the chili's is said to me now for G an aphrodisiac geo politician Bernard Scott -- You're thinking really really hard and taking her and I think -- -- -- car accident. There's a different personalities to -- everything -- -- -- you have a whole let's pick from I thought I'd bring sorry lots of personality and their kids eat your chocolate bars. I got nobody. Isn't really cool thing that is starting -- move into the desert and talk -- category people are starting to think about being healthy integrating really great new ingredients of people haven't tried before. And super foods high in nutrients and restaurant -- CEO -- -- rich and proud of Chicago in. And completely delusional and.

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{"id":22345256,"title":"After Super Bowl Comes Parties, and Then Valentine's Day","duration":"3:00","description":"Billy Dec discusses his big game after-party experience and shares a great gift idea for your loved ones.","url":"/GMA/video/superbowl-2014-big-game-parties-valentines-day-22345256","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}