Savings Tips: Makeup at Drugstore Prices

Rebekah George shares tips on how to save money on cosmetics.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Savings Tips: Makeup at Drugstore Prices
is a guilty pleasure. We -- we, meaning a lot of us, nojust me, we spend big bucks for designer name brands but it is really worth it? We love sharing secret super savings and today we're looking how to get everything we need at drug store prices. We did pretty well. Yes. I'm not obsolete here. But we also got an audience maker, carolyn to get a makeover with the fresh new face. But we want to welcome style and beauty expert rebekah george. Hey, rebekah. You look gorge. You gook gorgeous too. You have a pile of makeup. Get back here, your daughter will be asking about this stuff and your prices will go way up. You have to learn. To your left you have high end department store makeup. What's the total there? 330. For just that. There's nine pieces there. Next to it. What did you spend in the drug store? Drum roll, $48.19. oh, wow. Well -- it looks like less product. But you say they're incredibly effective. We want to see what you did to caroline. Ready? Here she comes. They told me to wait. There's the before -- and here's the after. really great. What do you think? I think I look great. I feel great. Your skin looks really even. I like the blush. She looks gorgeous. Here's the thing. Most of these products are made with the exact same manufacturer. So you're saving money. You're not getting the pretty packaging, maybe, but you're getting a product that works just as well. A bb cream, that is from l'oreal. It replaces primer foundation, powder, even sunscreen for $16. B.B. Cream. That's the big thing. And then you used a bronzer? This is from rimmel. This will last you a year. No sparkle, no orange, just that natural look that you see here. That's the trick. The no sparkles. Matt look is more preferred? Exactly. Pink is so on trend this year. You want that nice healthy look. Josh, are you paying attention? 5.50. Brush a little here. No streaks. It gives that natural look. I saw on the screen, can you wet the brush? You can wet the brush. Liner and shadow, lara, gives you everything you need. Boom and voila. It's a gel liner. And you love this mascara from a drug story? Wettin' wild. Mascara is all the same. Save your money. Brow pencil and lipstick from cover girl. Can we get all of these on our website at gaa dum. You look beautiful. These are great products. Please, trust me on this one. You look beauty. And gjosh you learned something, right? I learned too many things. Boys, we can talk beauty

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{"id":17088616,"title":"Savings Tips: Makeup at Drugstore Prices","duration":"3:00","description":"Rebekah George shares tips on how to save money on cosmetics.","url":"/GMA/video/supersecret-savings-tips-makeup-drugstore-prices-17088616","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}