Superstar 'Math'letes

Kids making math a national sport.
1:53 | 05/08/14

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Transcript for Superstar 'Math'letes
Hey there thanks for joining us on beyond the headlines here on ABC news and Yahoo! News -- GO but he -- And we are at the beautiful swan hotel here. In Walt Disney world in Orlando and we're here to meet some really awesome kids were talking about thirteen and fourteen year old. Who know a lot more -- than you do this is part of a big national competition. Students from every state across the country coming together to compete and what's really amazing is when you watch them. Answering these questions this sort of like -- spelling bee but for math and you have -- moderator asking these questions. And wait to see how quickly they are answering them. If five to became minus five. -- -- -- is that correct answer to the maximum. -- 66. Is that correct answer before their finish asking the question you guys -- -- -- for. It obviously it and boom. How do you do that all it really just takes a lot of practice. -- -- how often are you studying here. Live probably do at least like -- -- cracking something every day. I'm so we always go over problems in trying to figure out how to do end Arthurs of faster better way to do the problems that we got away. And they're all preparing for this event I mean this is sort of this is. A big one we probably have. Maybe 25 to thirty competitions a year that we do with some of them we travel for some of them we take them in our building but this is there kind of -- gold standard. And what's really cool is that the winner of this competition will get a private war of Walt Disney world with Mickey Mouse himself. And they'll be the grand Marshal at the main street parade there in the magic kingdom so lots of cool stuff for them really cool -- really Smart. Thanks for joining us here on beyond the headlines. Make sure join us on world news with Diane Sawyer -- GO -- as -- LC an --

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{"id":23646339,"title":"Superstar 'Math'letes","duration":"1:53","description":"Kids making math a national sport.","url":"/GMA/video/superstar-mathletes-23646339","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}