Superstars Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys Reunite and Rock 'GMA'

Powerhouses take silver screen by storm with new movie, "The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete."
5:15 | 10/02/13

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Transcript for Superstars Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys Reunite and Rock 'GMA'
But right now, we have superstars, jennifer hudson, alicia keys. Pow powerhouses in the movie and music world. They have a new movie coming out "the inevitable defeat of mr. And pete." And jennifer playing gloria, a single mom who happens to be a drug addict. What's your problem? My problem? I'm the one with the problem. You better stop talking to me like I'm your damn child. I'm your mother. You think I'm satisfied with this life? I'm not. Just trying to get things in order. Listening to that for how long now? I'm sick of hearing that. You know what I'm sick of? I'm sick of you. Oh. It is so powerful. A times square welcome to both of you. I'm telling you, it is a powerful film. It will make people think. And, jennifer, when you were here last, you were here about winnie mandela. Now, you're playing a drug addict single mom. You really are stretching yourself. You know, that was a challenge in this role. And that was my focus to be able to stretch myself. This is a story that's worth being told. I had to get in there and find my glory. You've been sober all your life. All my life. How did you prepare for the role? I followed an exheroin addict. I took time with her. If I don't have anything to connect from, let me find someone to connect to and tell her story. And that's what you did so successfully. And alicia, you're so multitalented. Thank you. And you're credited with being one of the first ones of this project. You're wearing two hats. What was it about this that drew you to it? Years ago, it had to be over five years ago, I sat with george tillman, who is the director of this piece. And he introduced the script to me. And I red the script in one day. I was riveted. I was taken back. It was the most powerful story of redemption through friendship. of a situation. A how you can find your way through somethin hes l boys are 12 and Has funny aspects to it because life, in even its difficulties, it's funny. And that's wha relates you to these two boys shine on the jesse wright. Let's talk about the two young actors who play mister and pete. They are on the screen a lot. And people are not so familiar with them. Talk about what it was like to work with them and how they are as young actors. All I could do is follow their lead. They set the bar really high. They adapted to the realness of it. I had to follow their lead. And they were there every day, all day. They were really living it, each and every moment. They did an amazing performance. They were learning from the best, you and the entire cast and crew. You both have 3-year-old boys. Mine's 4 now. Really? How does the time fly by? Do you envision them in music or in movies or anything like that? I know that egypt is creative. I think because they grow up around it. They're growing up around what their mommies do. It makes all of the difference. My son, every day, we start singing a song. Aw. He did jam some music last night. What did you jam on? He was playing the drums. I was playing the piano. Mine have drums, too. Children are very important to you, alicia. We go back a long way. And your benefit, the black ball, is going to be celebrating its tenth anniversary coming up in november. Remind people what that's about. November 7th is our black ball. It's our fund-raiser for my organization, keep a child alive. Which jennifer is so gracious and will be as well. And it's for raising the funds for children and families that have aids and won't be able to afford it. And aids is a livable, treatable disease if you have the medicine that goes along with it. And the surrounding care and support. That's what we do on november 7th. Children are important to me. That's why this film is very important. And for me, you know, we have to support our children because they have the responsibilities. But without opportunity, how meant te? Alicia, see you. Jennifer -- we have 1 o- wcomicf1 yeah we might have to play the psa, yeah. In a little bit. So, um, do you want to come up

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{"id":20442793,"title":"Superstars Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys Reunite and Rock 'GMA'","duration":"5:15","description":"Powerhouses take silver screen by storm with new movie, \"The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete.\"","url":"/GMA/video/superstars-jennifer-hudson-alicia-keys-reunite-rock-gma-20442793","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}