Superstorm Sandy: Surveying the Damage From the Sky

Sam Champion gets a bird's eye view of the destruction from the "perfect storm."
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Superstorm Sandy: Surveying the Damage From the Sky
We want to turn, now, to sam. Sam, you had a stunning look of the complete devastation from the air. In all of your 30 years of experience, have you ever seen anything quite like this? No, amy, because I've never seen a storm like this hit an area so populated. There's so many stories to be told of this region. Let me show you one of the pictures we brought back. This is the arthur kill that leads into the atlantic. You might fly over this and miss this point until you look right here. And we've covered so many oil slicks, so many fuel oil spills. That's the giant -- that's the size of a giant tanker right beside it. And this fuel oil spill goes all the way out in the new york harbor. No one has started talking about that problem yet. And all of the pictures on the ground are so horrible. But when you get in the air, there's no words. From the air, complete devastation doesn't even describe it. I can't believe this. As the water recedes, the scope of the damage is just now coming into focus. Wow. New york harbor. That is staten island. Look at all those boats. This is a perfect example of storm surge damage inside new york harbor. This is staten island. But it's not the open coast. Look at that. These boats, of all sizes. All boats, big boats, tossed up against that building. That was some powerful surge. Just south of manhattan, this is great keels harbor, new york. Every pier is washed off. Every boat is tossed in. Whoa. Look how far that goes. East across new york harbor, this is the tip of coney island. Look at the debris. When you see it, house after house after house. That's just unbelievable. That is the fire zone of breezy point. Now, that's more than 100 houses in that community. Before. Now. When your house survives a storm like that, you just don't think you're going to lose it to fire right after the storm. And just look at hoboken, new jersey, from above. 25% of the city is still underwater. The national guard went in to set up supply stations right in front of city hall. You can actually see the supplies they've set up. Now, that's belmar, new jersey. That's where the boardwalk should be. Take a look at where it is now. Town after town, annihilated in the wake of superstorm sandy. We're not done with the wind yet. While everyone's cleaning up, sandy is way up here in canada. But all of these winds, when you see the arrows the way they're going. These winds across new york city, are 20-mile-per-hour to 30-mile-per-hour winds that will take us all the way through today. That's all the way from the great lakes, well back into new england, putting up with the strong, gusty winds again today.

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{"id":17614930,"title":"Superstorm Sandy: Surveying the Damage From the Sky","duration":"3:00","description":"Sam Champion gets a bird's eye view of the destruction from the \"perfect storm.\"","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-hurricane-sandy-2012-aerial-view-damage-surveying-17614930","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}