Elmo Calms Children Frightened by Superstorm Sandy

"Sesame Street" star helps parents answer difficult questions posed by curious children.
3:00 | 10/31/12

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Transcript for Elmo Calms Children Frightened by Superstorm Sandy
live this morning. We're going to begin with a very, very recognizable voice of reason, actually, stepping in to help in the wake of sandy. That little guy. A huge following. Taking important questions from kids about what they've seen on tv or outside their own windows after the storm. I had a chance to sit with those kids as we chat about it, with our friend, elmo. We adults called it a superstorm. But amidst the ferocity of nature's wrath, for the youngest amongst us, it was just plain scary. So, how do you talk to kids about getting through the storm of the century? We got together with a panel of newly-minted veterans. And an expert on kids, our friend, elmo. I have a little daughter named sarina. And she, actually, elmo, wanted to ask you this question. What should she do if she's having trouble sleeping? Elmo slept with mommy and daddy. You can do that. And many have a comfort item. You could have a stuffed animal. I have one. I did. I did. What did you have? I had my stuffed animal dog named sparky. Cool. An elephant, tara. How about you, olivia? I have pocco. And sometimes I'm allowed to sleep on the top pillow. A special way to sleep. Did you play games with your family? Did you do things with your mommy and daddy? Last night, I played a game OF CRAZY 8s. But we didn't finish it. It was that long. Elmo, sometimes it's hard to stay indoors when you want to run around and play. You feel like you have a lot of energy and want to do things. What was some of the things you did? Elmo likes to sing and stuff like that. What about dancing? And those without electricity, maybe you have a battery-operated radio. Or just clap your hands for a rhythm. That's right. Just like you said. We have a radio that just works by turning a handle. During the fire trucks. Yeah. Elmo did, too. And we have lots of heroes out there right now who are helping all of the families who need help. And the firefighters are heroes. Yes, lydia? I heard on the radio this morning that the bird's nest in the hurricane flew away. So, I made a picture for him. That's nice. She made a picture for your friend, big bird. That's great. Look at that. Wow. That's big bird's new nest. Can you bring this back to big bird? Yes. And big bird's going to love this. That's great. Can we say good-bye to elmo and thank him? Bye, elmo. Elmo loves you. And stay safe. That is great. Yes. It talked a lot about their fears and they're scared. It's important, as the doctor said, acknowledge your kids' emotions. Let them feel them. Tell them it's okay to feel whatever they're feeling. And assure them it's all okay. It's all going to pass. Sam, again, as the weather

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{"id":17606334,"title":"Elmo Calms Children Frightened by Superstorm Sandy","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Sesame Street\" star helps parents answer difficult questions posed by curious children.","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-hurricane-sandy-2012-elmo-calms-children-frightened-17606334","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}