Superstorm Sandy: Fire Destroys More Than 100 Homes in Breezy Point

A New York City neighborhood was damaged by a fire that raged through the night.
3:00 | 10/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Superstorm Sandy: Fire Destroys More Than 100 Homes in Breezy Point
breezy point. That neighborhood wiped out by a fire that raged through the night. Abc's elizabeth vargas is on the scene this morning. Boy, elizabeth, it's so hard to see the ruins of that community. It sure is, george. And mayor bloomberg and senator charles schumer who were out here yesterday afternoon, told me behind me, they haven't seen anything like this since the bombing of london in world war ii. 111 homes were scorched, burned to a rubble behind me. All packed into these tight-knit square neighborhoods here. People here in this neighborhood were ready for hurricane sandy. For the ferocious winds and the torrential rain. They were not prepared for this. Abc news was in breezy point, riding out the fury of sandy, when the wind and the water gave way to this. Oh, my god. That's fire. There's nowhere else to go. Reporter: Fire. Homes engulfed in flames spreading quickly. Producers trapped inside mary's home. It's destroyed, it feels like. It feels like the apocalypse. Reporter: Fire engines, stranded helplessly blocks away. We have water on the front of the house. A ton of water at the back of the house. A little island right here. And we have a fire that's inevitably going to get closer because of all of the wind. Reporter: For the next few hours, in complete darkness, a full-scale evacuation unfolds. By morning, more than 100 homes were burned, nothing left. We accompany the evacuees on a truck, holding their breath as they head back for the first time since the storm hit. Where was your home? We met michael quinn, whose home was destroyed in the fire. That was the kitchen. Reporter: Right there? That? That blue. Reporter: Joanne coella has lived here for 15 years. Her first floor has completely flooded. This is up to the top step. I feel totally devastated. I haven't seen anything like this in my career. The only thing that came close to this was 9/11. Reporter: This community has seen more than its share of tragedy. 29 of their own killed on 9/11. But this morning, once again, they vow they will pick up the pieces, battered as they say here, but not broken. This is a very strong community. And I -- they'll rebuild and they'll come back. Reporter: So many people who live here are new york city ghters and first responders. People who have done so much to help so many over so much time, where helpless to save their own homes as they burned down on monday night. There's still pockets of smoldering fire in all of this wreckage behind me. Just a few moments ago, a fire engine was just pulled up over here, wading again through floodwaters, trying to put out some of those fires. If you look over my shoulder here, george and amy, straight there is the ocean. That's the atlantic ocean. Usually there would be rows and rows, blocks and blocks of homes. This morning, a straight shot to the ocean. People vowed to come back here. But looking at the destruction, it's hard to believe that's going to happen anytime soon. A landscape has been changed completely. One of the most heart-stopping events of the storm, the emergency evacuation

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{"id":17605365,"title":"Superstorm Sandy: Fire Destroys More Than 100 Homes in Breezy Point","duration":"3:00","description":"A New York City neighborhood was damaged by a fire that raged through the night.","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-hurricane-sandy-2012-fire-destroys-100-homes-17605365","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}