Will Superstorm Sandy's Aftermath Cancel Halloween?

Officials consider postponing holiday as millions still deal with consequences of massive storm.
3:00 | 10/31/12

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Transcript for Will Superstorm Sandy's Aftermath Cancel Halloween?
-- Halloween is hiatus for some families after sandy but it's still a big -- for so many kids. Here in the US but with millions in the dark this morning in some streets. Too dangerous for trick or treating how our families celebrating right now ABC's -- harassment were just discuss our plans. -- how about -- what are we gonna do what what are people advising families to do at this point lover's knot tying your kids that -- -- retreat is happening had a conversation you wanna have. Yet try telling your little goblins that Halloween is on hiatus yet doesn't go over so well that's why folks across the country are scrambling to salvage this candy coated holiday. Refusing to let the rain winds even snow take the treats out of trick or treating. As the northeast begins digging out of the mess that CB left behind that question first so many families this morning. How to make sure this Halloween. Won't turn into a -- was named -- is like Christmas because I'm no matter what. Without question today will be no ordinary Halloween for the children of hurricanes -- -- I'm happy. What an -- -- at. Night -- house. On Tuesday Halloween stores and custom shop usually teeming with customers. Were shuttered closed indefinitely. Leaving would be -- traders out in the cold. That's trying to -- often -- you. New York's mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the -- -- annual Halloween parade. Famous for the thousands of revelers -- turn -- to show off their over the top costumes. What is canceled for the first time in its 39 year history. Unfortunately we just cannot spare the manpower from the NYPD and other city agencies. To host the annual Greenwich Village -- -- parade. And the Internet it's riddled with notices have canceled Halloween parties up and down the East Coast. But child psychiatrists say parents shouldn't let mother nature -- all of the Halloween fun. Families definitely should have the best Halloween they could possibly have it's a way of striking back at sandy if you can't go outside. -- other families together in your apartment. Families we spoke with say they're helping kids keep their minds off of the storm with Halloween themed arts and crafts and pumpkin decorating activities and -- and a number of big city high rises posted signs Tuesday. Inviting clean ones to celebrate Halloween in the building lobbies this evening -- My own kids Halloween parties at school canceled but the idea of no Halloween is simply incomprehensible to -- Daughter. What would you think -- I totally can't go to for treating this year. And since so many others see -- won't ruin my town. In hard hit New Jersey communities have already -- trick or treating hours to the weekend and governor Chris Christie said. He signed an executive order later this week rescheduling Halloween even joking he'd be humorous to Reese -- -- for Election Day. Not so much so funny there -- would be -- -- You so much.

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{"id":17606176,"title":"Will Superstorm Sandy's Aftermath Cancel Halloween?","duration":"3:00","description":"Officials consider postponing holiday as millions still deal with consequences of massive storm.","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-hurricane-sandy-2012-superstorm-sandys-aftermath-cancel-17606176","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}