Top Tips for Staying Plugged-In When the Power Is Out

Officials say power outages following superstorm Sandy could last several days.
3:00 | 10/31/12

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Transcript for Top Tips for Staying Plugged-In When the Power Is Out
I'm not doing a drink order for the team, although, I'm happy to do that after this. I'm here because do you know you can siphon free wi-fi even if your starbucks is closed? It's one of the many tips I've learned from many people living without power now. And here are a few more. This morning, more than 8 million homes in sandy's wake are being greeted by this. Sandy as also left families from south carolina to maine in the dark. With no end in sight. Here in weston, connecticut, they're all in it together. 100% of the town without power. We have bottled water. And the bathtubs are full. You can't flush the toilet. It's been an adventure. Reporter: It's all about trying to figure out ways to budget food, water and power. Last year, I stocked my refrigerator. So, we have a lot of crackers And peanut butter crackers. Reporter: Many residents stocked up on bottled water. If you didn't have time, you can make tap water drinkable. For every gallon you need, add one-eighth of a teaspoon of bleach to purify it. But let it stand for 30 minutes before consuming. Another great tip for parents with small kids, take advantage of the daylight. When I'm around during the day. Reporter: There's no video games. There's no computer. How is that for you? Partly, I think it's awesome because I love to read. Reporter: A flashlight and a good book? Yes. Reporter: That's great advice. And what about those of us who can't seem to live without our e-mails? You can power up mobile devices in the car. Just make sure garage doors stay open. And cherish that charge by dimming the screen and turning off the wi-fi. Need the web? Take a cue from these guys. They're not waiting in line for coffee. They're taking advantage of starbucks free wi-fi signal that works even when the shop is closed. And when the night comes? The entire neighborhoods are without lights. There's no stoplights or street lights. It's dangerous driving. At home, use flashlights instead of candles. And if all else fails. Find a friend with power. Reporter: That might be the best advice of all. The other theme I kept hearing, was make sure you have some chardonnay. That's from all of the moms. I have a useful gadget that is worth possibly investing in, if you can afford it. It's from brookstone. This is a major rechargeable charger. It's something you would buy for $149. There's cheaper versions out there. But what happens is, if you plug it in proactively, you can charge your blackberry or your iphone up to hours. You get eight hours on your laptop. If you need to stay connected or you're just addicted, this is a good investment for everybody. And $149. It's a lot of money. But there's cheaper versions if you go online. At lot of power. It's called the rechargeable laptop battery. Check that out. And I thought the chardonnay was a good idea. Yeah. Maybe. Go for the chardonnay.

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{"id":17606057,"title":"Top Tips for Staying Plugged-In When the Power Is Out","duration":"3:00","description":"Officials say power outages following superstorm Sandy could last several days.","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-hurricane-sandy-2012-top-tips-staying-plugged-17606057","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}