Superstorm Sandy: Should New York Marathon be Canceled?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg vows the ING marathon will go despite the devastation from the storm.
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Superstorm Sandy: Should New York Marathon be Canceled?
Another controversy in the city, the world-famous race is under fire. Mayor bloomberg saying the new york city marathon is set to take place this sunday, in spite of the devastation so many people are coping with after sandy. John schriffen has the latest on the controversy. Reporter: Good morning. It is a tricky political decision for the city. Run this massive marathon, despite the serious issues plaguing the city? Possibly creating more chaos? Or cancel an iconic event that could bring millions of much-needed money to small businesses. New york's mayor says the starting gun will fire here. Still damaged streets filled with 40,000 runners and millions of onlookers. We expect by sunday, most of the power will be back, if not all of it. Reporter: Dis350i9 the efforts to bring the power grid and subways online. There's concern that much o the course will not be back to normal, clogging commuter routes. And many are questioning whether a city crippled by a storm should be focusing on a race instead of recovery. It seems wrong, if one police officer leaves his job to work at a road race. Reporter: The race begins in the city's most difficult-to-reach borough, one hard-hit by the storm. It starts at staten island near the bridge. We've been cleaning up that area. 'S on main roads throughout the city. Reporter: Despite the efforts, the staten island borough president is calling the decision crazy. Saying, quote, what we have here is terrible. A disaster. If they want to race, let them race with themselves. This is no time for a parade. But supporters think the opposite. The best thing we can do is to come together and celebrate. Reporter: Mayor michael bloomberg says it's about restarting businesses, something he says those who lost their lives would want. They would want us to have an economy and have a city going on for those that they left behind. Reporter: Mayor bloomberg has suggested putting a deadline on how late the final runners can cross the finish line on sunday. He has announced the race will be dedicated to the victims of the hurricane and their families. There may not be power. That might be scary. We're going to turn to a frightening story out of

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{"id":17615367,"title":"Superstorm Sandy: Should New York Marathon be Canceled?","duration":"3:00","description":"Mayor Michael Bloomberg vows the ING marathon will go despite the devastation from the storm.","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-hurricane-sandy-york-city-ing-marathon-2012-17615367","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}