After Superstorm Sandy: Coping With Life Indoors

Families in the path of Hurricane Sandy are anxious after being stuck indoors for days.
3:00 | 10/30/12

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Transcript for After Superstorm Sandy: Coping With Life Indoors
Yesterday, before the storm hit, I went out and talked to some of the families, so many of whom hunkered down at home. Many displaced, with their kids. Feeling helpless about what would happen next. The overwhelming feeling of anxiety, affecting everyone, including the children. As the worst of sandy battered the coast, many parents and scared children were shuttered in their homes, waiting, anxious and wondering. What happens if this goes on for a few days? We're worried about that. We don't have a generator. We feel like we're fine here for two or three days. But after that, we have to come up with a second game plan. Reporter: Over 500,000 people forced to evacuate, seeking shelters. This hyatt in connecticut is sold out for the next few days. Making the lobby with kids comering at the bar, look like a day-care center. We don't have lights. The power went off. Reporter: Many families sharing rooms, as they ride out the storm. Two adults, two kids and a dog in one room. Yes. Reporter: For as long as it takes? I'm thinking four or five nights, at least. Reporter: How do you prepare children for a storm like this and its aftermath? Some believe including them in the storm can help. Dave is teaching his 10-year-old son the importance of being prepared. Got all the boats tied up. I think we're a little nervous to be out here. It's time we get going. Reporter: Meanwhile, halloween, a real possibility of missing the funs is on many young minds. I see you're dressing up early. Yeah. Reporter: How come? If halloween is canceled, we don't get to go trick or treating. Reporter: New jersey governor, chris christie, says if conditions don't improve, he'll sign an executive order, rescheduling halloween. In the meantime, carly has a message for sandy. Go away. Reporter: Halloween seems like the least of our problems, after all, that we have witnessed. I know many parents are creating contingency plans, parties at home. Kidst to worry. We want to restore as much normalcy as we can. Dr. Besser was kind enough to give us great safety tips. Some of them are relying on generators. Cannot stress enough to have your generator away from the house. Not in the house. Not even in the garage. We thought we were okay. I was in a home that had one last night. That was until 2:00 in the morning, when the carbon monoxide detector went off. Check our website for more great safety tips.

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{"id":17597048,"title":"After Superstorm Sandy: Coping With Life Indoors","duration":"3:00","description":"Families in the path of Hurricane Sandy are anxious after being stuck indoors for days.","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-sandy-2012-hurricane-coping-life-indoors-power-17597048","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}