Superstorm Sandy Destroys Atlantic City Boardwalk

Parts of the famed historic landmark were washed away by storm.
3:00 | 10/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Superstorm Sandy Destroys Atlantic City Boardwalk
Test Text1 plain That's a look at one of the most famous landmarks in the country. So much of it destroyed by storm sandy, the atlantic city boardwalk. Generations have been out here toarty and gamble. It's been a part of so many film, tv shows and songs. Now, it's hurt and underwater. Ginger zee with that story. The storm really wiped that away. Yeah. You can see the casinos behind me. We could not get to the boardwalk. Part of the boardwalk is gone. It's hard to imagine anything challenging the iconic images of this fast-paced paradise. That rough-and-tumble lifestyle, glamorized in shows like "boardwalk empire." And the friendship in the movie "beaches." I want to get back to the hotel. Reporter: As sandy made landfall, it was that famous boardwalk that fell prey. Look at the images before and during the storm. As the surge burst through the streets, small shops and towering hotels, and casinos, only played one hand. Taking hit after hit. A lot of the buildings did not have a lot of flooding. Atlantic city will look very different tomorrow than it did yesterday or the day before. This is a major situation. Major damage. There was the beachfront salt water taffy shop. This debris is sections of the boardwalk that was lifted and floated over 2 1/2 blocks. They say the 125 feet of sand on the atlantic city beachfront will be reduced to just 25 feet after the storm. Some of the boardwalk is still there. But there are masses amounts that will never be there again. And we do have the new images to share with you. We're getting the video. I want to share with you still pictures we got. Here's a look at the north side of part of the boardwalk, gone. And a second photo shows where it went. We'll be finding pieces for days to come. George? That's a big rebuilding effort. Coming up, more on sandy and

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{"id":17597590,"title":"Superstorm Sandy Destroys Atlantic City Boardwalk","duration":"3:00","description":"Parts of the famed historic landmark were washed away by storm.","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-sandy-2012-hurricane-destroys-atlantic-city-boardwalk-17597590","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}