Superstorm Sandy Community Wins Powerball

An office pool of 16 co-workers wins the lottery in hard hit New Jersey town.
2:26 | 08/10/13

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Transcript for Superstorm Sandy Community Wins Powerball
With the first of the so called -- sixteen to step forward her name is Susan meg glad she's part of that office -- County maintenance workers in New Jersey who hit the powerball this week this story a huge blast of hope for a community that was hit very hard right superstar -- and ABCs Deedee Roy is all over the story Keating good morning. Good morning Dan this lottery winner may -- part of ocean sixteenth but she's definitely on cloud nine here real identity to the public. And talk about get this why she's not leaving -- -- just yet. This morning we're hearing from one of ocean six -- for the first time the county workers who won big in Wednesday's 448. Point four million dollar powerball jackpot. Has fiercely protected their anonymity. Until now I'm still up in the clouds I Jersey native Susan Nichols says she couldn't believe it when she and fifteen co workers at ocean county's vehicle services shop. He all supply numbers and the powerball my co worker in nineteen -- should be -- We did -- and until Friday night the only thing we knew about the county government workers. Was that no multi million dollar windfall would ever keep him from clocking in the morning after the winning numbers were announced. They nearly won the lottery -- God told you a lot about who they are. Nickel and her co workers still have not officially come forward to claim their prize. But she says she's feeling blessed very thankful thanking -- -- has a few ideas for how to spend her winnings. Among them fixing her house that was damaged by hurricane sandy. And -- -- with her large family surprisingly she plans to -- worked for another year and a half. Before retiring to collect her pension I want my -- under dire I'm not but I want him -- he's worked a long time split evenly among the group and after taxes. It's estimated -- will take 3.5 million dollars to the bank. The remaining -- body New Jersey has not been -- about a third ticket was sold to Paul White of -- introduced at a Minnesota press conference -- -- -- And she broke the news to our friends and family at her local -- -- Three grandchildren cute kids and her has -- a 45 years. By the way that shop -- now has the rare ability to say that a quarter of this workers. Happened to be powerball winners. And they by the -- she -- into the -- has been asked yet thanks again probably nagging fees and keep working time -- to let her husband retired ghostly spirit and these are investigating.

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{"id":19924273,"title":"Superstorm Sandy Community Wins Powerball","duration":"2:26","description":"An office pool of 16 co-workers wins the lottery in hard hit New Jersey town.","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-sandy-community-wins-powerball-19924273","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}