New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Calls 'GMA' on Day of Giving

Governor Cuomo discusses ways to donate to hurricane relief and current status of state.
3:00 | 11/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Calls 'GMA' on Day of Giving
I'm on the phone with the governor of new york, andrew cuomo, all day long, we're here on abc helping the victims of hurricane sandy. What is the greatest need right now? Well, we have two issues we're dealing with. Short term, george, we still have 700,000 people without power. And going into the 40-degree range last night, so that's become a real problem. No power. No heat. But it's food supplies, because people are having trouble getting food. It's clean-up materials. It's trash bags. It's working gloves. It's brooms, et cetera. And it's clothing. Because people had their entire household destroyed. We really saw that yesterday. All weekend long and staten island hit so hard. So many volunteers pouring out in the last few days but the need there is great. Need is great. Show the line for the storm, if you will, if there is one. The spirit of community, across the state. I have people from upstate new york coming down to help people downstate. George, we have people all across this country who are just driving in. People from the midwest, people in the south who will saw it on tv, got in their cars and said we want to help. We're all neighbors and we want to be there one for the other. And it's really heartwarming because people feel that they're not alone, that people care. And that means so much. We have seen this from community to community. Some concern that people will haved time getting to the polls, who want to vote, won't be able to vote. Even extending election day. What's the latest on that? By and large, we're very limited what we can do here. This is a federal election, federal election laws, so extensions, et cetera, were limited. The election will be tomorrow. Will there be some hardships to get to the polls? Yes. But compared to what people have been dealing with over the past week, the hardships they'll have at the polls is nothing, frankly. Finally, governor, what's the one thing you want the people of america to know about new york right now? I want the people to know that, first, new york appreciates the kindness that they have shown and the love that they have shown. And maybe we don't have heat on in the homes, but they have warmed the spirits of new yorkers. And I want them to know that new yorkers come back and it will be back soon and better than ever before. Governor cuomo, thanks so much for calling in this morning. Thanks, george. Thanks for having me.

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{"id":17642469,"title":"New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Calls 'GMA' on Day of Giving","duration":"3:00","description":"Governor Cuomo discusses ways to donate to hurricane relief and current status of state.","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-sandy-relief-york-governor-andrew-cuomo-calls-17642469","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}