Surefire Way to Viral Videos? College Party Antics

'I' Shmacked' site features university ragers.
3:00 | 10/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Surefire Way to Viral Videos? College Party Antics
The American way of college it's never been just about the books it's always also been about. Exuberance. Also sometimes called. Party it also sometimes gets out of control. As it did this past Saturday night in the small town of Bellingham Washington. A swarm of young people who -- in a battle with -- An armored vehicle brought in to disperse the out of control crowd. Have you noticed watching this amateur video -- it seems like -- an endless stream down days of videos showcasing college kids behaving badly. This one was captured by onlookers but increasingly. Young people themselves want to show and tell the world on line just how hard they can party. The American way of college has been around for years as Hollywood shows us with its particular fascination with -- culture. From old school. Through super fast. Through the original cinematic rage -- Animal house. -- college party antics aren't sure fire way for viral success so much so. That this guy created a whole business around -- Hardy lifestyle. It's called on a much -- Their oil was he's toward college campuses around the country filming students getting wasted and high and everything in between. The videos have garnered over fourteen million views on -- -- we're -- Without -- Not very popular mind because that that's our market every school -- trying to kill -- capture -- for real feel for -- -- They feel like you're there and in -- -- keeping ranks of the policies based on best schools that switched hardy -- From adults -- -- looking in like at the surface it just looks like. -- should -- -- really influencing your -- go hard at high school in late dictator is to go to these schools I do know that news. Told me you see you want to god. I watched this 14 four replied yeah when I was. -- -- to some party is featured in his videos had a few post party regrets I never knew that it would be so huge I -- I never thought it would catch on my back. Really initially thought it would be more Soviet thing like almost like to -- that thing to look back on them. Is such a thing as being too out there on line. -- -- -- -- -- People are putting more of their lives on line they live if they posted. They haven't seen the repercussions yet. In this job. Position or the -- entry into college because of what they post online. Some party goers just crave the attention often bragging about their wagers on social media. Last month in New York 400 teens broke into ex NFL star Brian -- always home for a wild Labor Day bash. And then they were Smart enough to post the evidence on line for all the world to see. Some have even try to recreate scenes from the movies lake project acts. Richmond high school nerds -- an epic house party while mom and that are out of town this thing -- just be cool. It was supposed to make them popular but instead it turns into a disaster. The movie inspired teens all over the country to host their own project X parties and at one home in Houston here's how that looked. We came back burner tonight pulling figuring that they would come back. And they did you know I asked him why you'll sizzle and -- said project. Another but -- teenager in Florida gives you two -- at Tora house thing about the house. He said he had just vandalized the place and then he invited thousands to a project X party there. -- -- Cops arrested him before the event but no one told the nearly 2000 people who showed up later that night. So you look at the scene in building. Where at least the mob while behaving badly did not post the video of this themselves know they're too Smart for that. They're in college. John Donvan ABC news Washington.

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{"id":20575137,"title":"Surefire Way to Viral Videos? College Party Antics","duration":"3:00","description":"'I' Shmacked' site features university ragers.","url":"/GMA/video/surefire-viral-videos-college-party-antics-20575137","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}