Surfer Carissa Moore Honored by Glamour Magazine

The ASP World Tour Champion was an honoree at the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards.
3:29 | 11/12/13

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Transcript for Surfer Carissa Moore Honored by Glamour Magazine
It is an honor to introduce our guest. Our next. We haven't asked you we get our honor it has been quite a year giving his -- more yeah. Gorgeous Tara and seven time crowned top female -- in the world it's also named one of climbers went on here few months ago. She turned 21. An inspiration to women everywhere and rightfully so. I used -- the Sports Illustrated that story did hands down I spent a month with Kelly Slater in your native Hawaii and in Australia and the life of this professional surfer. I know it can be hard at times they can also be glorious most. The have a good year for you. Again how is how if -- -- here. Are you ripping -- He's found my eyes and an incredible yeah I was very blessed and my second world title and as an endgame of -- to win once it had it happened twice it was amazing. It's been fun. I didn't and the glitz and -- them with a win in the it was a fun. Communism funding on the mainland and drawn on the down and and doing that. Whole thing it was -- cent last realism and had Deborah Solomon like a fish out of water but -- It was selling its yeah now -- and men and please tell -- I got to listen to maligned -- got us senate and speak about their stories and what inspired -- and -- their passion I just last night I don't change the world you know it doesn't really yeah. It's a -- and -- not a glamour does it every year they they really need to take a lot of time -- effort to choose women that have made an impact which you are one of my friend. And so congratulations that's what you want I love meaning young women like you because I have a little girl -- -- and it just -- nine and I -- and Josh as a little girl as well. How did you decide and at what age did you say you know what I want that -- going to be the vast. And you know I sense I think when asked about -- five years old and then. He nice -- -- -- do you does this mean I actually loved going to be -- -- his time spent together and then I think when I was ten -- twelve like. I know I wanna be the best know I'm actually telling them that which is really weird and then. You know we've just been together -- everything and then. And you don't have really lucky that's amazing what is -- -- you words you practice a lot. Not you know when I'm home and I sick everyday I might change landed with a chain and and it's all it's a lot aware but it's a lot of fun way I get to -- the beach area that's my office -- I yeah you need to. Now it's all right and it is sex and the right thing about it too is -- surf contests are scheduled to be in like sort of two week. -- because they can't depend on the surf the net you know really need to be -- also -- the great thing this -- they did you have the contest if it's not. They hang out for like days. Are -- hang out and you're not like hang -- out in. -- -- -- city but the Mets that he would get angry -- you're not hanging out in ugly places -- writing out in late on beaches off some. And the evening talk about the endless summer I mean you -- the waves around the globe and so you're usually there when it's. Deborah and I -- ever felt worst about myself and what. Hi I go back -- -- used to be the Nazis. And again it's that they're just said. It is always so great -- Young women. Who were inspirations who I continue to have my little daughter I think I want you to be like person it. And we're just thank you prove that god -- -- -- regulation easy.

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{"id":20862125,"title":"Surfer Carissa Moore Honored by Glamour Magazine","duration":"3:29","description":"The ASP World Tour Champion was an honoree at the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards.","url":"/GMA/video/surfer-carissa-moore-honored-glamour-magazine-20862125","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}