Surfing Instructor Attacked by Shark

Shark attacks woman while teaching a child to surf.
2:01 | 07/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Surfing Instructor Attacked by Shark
Until it's a scary summer citing frightening shark attack in North Carolina a woman. -- to -- teaching it how the surf is telling her harrowing story he sees it to you Roy has the story. These pictures capture what was supposed to be a memorable experience for ten year old Cassandra Callaway learning to surf. -- unforgettable but for a different reason I didn't really -- -- -- -- all the fish. That the shark was back there she -- 63 year old instructor Barbara quarry where three to four feet in murky waters off the North Carolina coast when a shark zeroed in on them. And next thing and -- there's seven guests. -- Donna my ankle and started thrashing around she's following a shark just bit her and -- get out of the water. Cassandra mother and brother were nearby my son started screaming she'd been bit she's been bit when you look at your -- coming out of line and you don't know who it is. I played a whole lot and a few seconds out of his concern -- about to say Andrea getting -- and safely. For thirty seconds she says the shark ripped into her ankle the little girl got on a -- her brother helping her to shore -- sanders' mother -- -- Barbara. I looked down and her ankle was mangled. It was. Horrid doctor Mark Hanna treated Barbara taking these pictures of her puncture wounds this would be a significant by -- thankful that there is afoot there. -- Sandra and her mother are thankful to. -- Korea's. A lifelong hero for me she saved my children -- acts as sweet woman. Songs she's just an eighteen an instructor who may now see as a lifesaver. And Barbara says -- the shark attack won't scare her away from the water for good. But it will take some time before she's back to serving her doctor actually tells us it will be at least five months before she is fully recovered. She says she's been doing it for fifty years behind in shallow water -- last 10-Q negating.

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{"id":19656716,"title":"Surfing Instructor Attacked by Shark","duration":"2:01","description":"Shark attacks woman while teaching a child to surf.","url":"/GMA/video/surfing-instructor-attacked-shark-19656716","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}