Surveillance Video Shows Fight in Facebook Killing

Derek Medina is accused of killing his wife and posting a photo of her bloody body on Facebook.
1:34 | 09/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Surveillance Video Shows Fight in Facebook Killing
It's -- 8 inside -- Medina and Jennifer Alfonso South Miami home she appears to be doing dish it is. These are the moments before police say he kills -- Posting the grisly photos of her body on FaceBook and allegedly confessing he was always scared of -- You report to me that she always beat him up. Medina's family last month insisted he was the victim of her abuse but this video obtained by the Miami Herald might show otherwise -- prosecutors. It doesn't tell the whole story but what it does show. Is channeling. Medina in a tank top walks -- -- kitchen. It's not clear what's happening inside it appears there's a confrontation. He then calmly walks away returning moments later with what prosecutors say is the murder weapon. And -- -- these -- the plumes of gunpowder presumably from the six to eight shots cops say he squeezes off into his wife. Medina then walks out and look at -- he comes back apparently with phone in hand. Pausing to snap that gruesome photo seen around the Internet. Medina then calmly gets a jacket putting it on and he gazes into the kitchen. He puts on a ball cap and walks out the door less than an hour later heavily armed police -- -- finding Alfonso whose body slumped and bloodied. Medina would walk into the south Miami police station to surrender -- from here. You're charged with first degree murder. -- is pleading not guilty.

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{"id":20305246,"title":"Surveillance Video Shows Fight in Facebook Killing","duration":"1:34","description":"Derek Medina is accused of killing his wife and posting a photo of her bloody body on Facebook.","url":"/GMA/video/surveillance-video-shows-fight-facebook-killing-20305246","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}