New survey reveals the credit cards with the most potential fees

A new survey from lists the cards that charge the most potential fees.
2:48 | 08/10/17

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Transcript for New survey reveals the credit cards with the most potential fees
We move on to financial advice and a new survey about credit card fees that examines 100 different cards and reveal those with the fewest fees and others with the biggest charges. Credit cards an important tool for many Americans but these fees can add hundreds of dollars to your credit card bill. So with the right information as a consumer, you can avoid them. Every month like clockwork your credit card bill and inside of many, fees. Credit crunching numbers looking at 100 popular cards finding that the average credit card charges six potential fees and some as many as 12. Fees on everything from cash advances to over-lips to annual memberships that could amount to hundreds of dollars a year. The most often overlooked fee -- Balance transfer fees are a big deal especially with so many people wrestling with credit card debt. Reporter: Topping the list with the fewest fees, Pentagon federal credit union promise Visa which carries just one, capital one platinum, spark classic from capital one and Sam's Club Mastercard topping the list of cards with the least fees. The American bankers association releasing a response to the study saying, today's credit card market offers consumers more options than ever before. Consumers are in the driver's seat when it comes to selecting a card that best meets their needs and taking simple steps to avoid fees. And, remember, just because the fees exist doesn't necessarily mean you have to pay them. You can absolutely get cards to waive your fee whether it's an annual fee or a late payment fee and people would be stunned at how often people are successful. So, Rebecca, what are these simple steps you can take to avoid the fees. Two rules of avoiding the fees. You want to pay your bill on time. That's going to keep you from a lot of these fees. Also, don't use the cash advance feature. It might seem useful but it's one of the most costly fee, Paula. We just went through this process of looking for a new credit yard looking for fees and used nerd wallet but there are a lot of resources., nerd wallet will let you compare fees an persons and one of the things people should think about, fees aren't the only thing here and in some cases that membership fee is going to ultimately pay for itself if you're using your credit card in the right way making sure you pay the bill off on time. Fees aren't the end all be all but back to our report. You can negotiate. I literally will pick up the phone and say I don't like that fee. I'm a good customer of yours. Help me out, they usually do. That that tone too. Exactly. Oh, by the way, I'm from "Gma." No, just kidding. Pay on time and you're in

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{"id":49125541,"title":"New survey reveals the credit cards with the most potential fees","duration":"2:48","description":"A new survey from lists the cards that charge the most potential fees. ","url":"/GMA/video/survey-reveals-credit-cards-potential-fees-49125541","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}