Survival, Devastating Loss Left in Twisters' Path

Matt Gutman speaks with Liberty, Ky., residents after tornados hit the area.
2:38 | 03/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Survival, Devastating Loss Left in Twisters' Path
-- so many stories of loss and survival emerging from the massive destruction caused by those deadly tornadoes and ABC's Matt Gutman has been tracking them from west liberty. Kentucky where we see the snow is on the ground they're too good morning Matt. Hey good morning -- I know this looks like a field of snow was actually. A neighborhood just 72 hours ago they hope to start clearing some of this degree instead. They're contending with this piles of wet heavy snow so heavy -- -- afraid it's going to start collapsing roof tops there are other hazards here. We came across this two by four with nail sticking out of it in the parking lot right there. All of this is going to slow the clean up here significantly today. -- -- -- Perfect in theory she blasts prayers going. I don't. A mysterious woman in this -- stopping video game guy to let these tornado pants in tornado -- Kentucky her prayers resonated. So we sit out to find her with close down electricity out it was an easy. Final. And then we watched -- form. And then as -- monsters I would refer to -- Above us -- -- -- surprise when I -- I don't like Hamas did not support dried -- did not support trot off of -- to go until the door and the pressure was fitness. And it worked her house still standing. Despite congregations come together across this region -- for the youngest left unanswered. Student. -- it. And thinks her arms turned out she -- -- batting true to her name. -- -- Babcock easy inhibit her grandmother tells ABC news. Just fourteen months old that -- killed on surviving even as a massive tornado took her entire family. For a few days she was he -- source of hope one thing I can say. There -- together. And that is the that is comforting hundreds showing up -- this donation site moved by stories of survival and faith. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Outrun the tornado in his call that's so we do. Vessel helplessly got to do something to help all these people. Right now residents -- are telling us they need a simple thinks things like. Shovels to help clear this snow they thought they would be used to help clear the debris but with all of this on the ground it could be several more days before the hundreds of homeless. Finally get back to neighborhoods like this one -- and making it so much more difficult Matt thank you very much.

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{"id":15848242,"title":"Survival, Devastating Loss Left in Twisters' Path","duration":"2:38","description":"Matt Gutman speaks with Liberty, Ky., residents after tornados hit the area.","url":"/GMA/video/survival-devastating-loss-left-twisters-path-15848242","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}