Survival of the Fittest in Frigid Alaska Wilderness

"Ultimate Survival Alaska" competitors craft snowshoes from branches, build fires with cotton balls.
6:07 | 12/16/13

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Transcript for Survival of the Fittest in Frigid Alaska Wilderness
We're -- sled dogs across the frozen Alaskan wilderness. Far from the nearest city. World guys then holed up. No cars no food no shelter has spent all of the time just trying to slow these dogs down -- up one break -- that you -- years. We've come to tell -- -- Alaska to find out first hand. Is it really possible to survive like good. Our guides and let's face my keys -- -- Police ruled Iditarod champion and unstoppable outdoorsman Dallas CD and 36 year old -- -- -- Native Alaska born marathon runner and survival expert. -- Eddie and I and so many other Alaska in the wilderness is our home. Over the next 48 hours they take us inside their world work building shelters from scratch. Starting -- years without matches. Even building snowshoes from tree branches is no big deal I would be far more afraid trying to spend a week -- my own in New York. That would we got my -- last. It -- nice and -- enough. Dallas -- did he urges renowned Motley -- outdoor survival relief. Who have put their life -- on the line for the National Geographic reality show ultimate survival Alaska. Petitions in the war. We're now in the show teens -- -- in the middle of the Alaskan outback with only big -- they can carry and -- -- the game. -- ingenuity to get them out. But in every episode we saw it seems that someone is always on the verge of catastrophe. Not TV catastrophes -- -- wrapped -- But real life danger. In one episode a contested mean Jimmy his future well in a raging river after his boat -- over. Any and that's set -- when you guys that end up in these situations looks like you're about to die on television. This show intentionally put us in dangerous places. That was did get to the show was -- but -- been you know a national park with a paved sidewalk. Still an intentional that we got -- not really bad situations know what we put an element -- that was a possibility a very real possibility party. In another episode a contested -- off his dog sled something that during my own sled dog training Dallas told me was nearly impossible. To recover. With no record -- run. That -- don't. Definitely not plan you're never gonna intentionally losing dogs in the worst case scenario. For the dogs loved to run their -- South Korea the Marshall in that -- he was able to catch up with the dog team on what would -- the rare. Sure enough our own experience wasn't all smooth sailing -- wolf there are parents. Like. -- gonna have to -- duck footed. And snowshoes snow she doing with Dallas and Eddie and he told us that staying warm and having something to drink -- critical for us the -- Read you -- the core you can keep people from the outside and -- fire warm clothes etc. but then. The about if you drink some hot all the -- your your burning up. We -- down snow to clear an area to make a fire and then gather wood with a fold outs off. Even when everything is soaking wet they showed heat -- sparks -- -- which are perfect for getting a fire started. This pairing on system of rings that threw four no matches no light or no problems and a smear some of -- -- -- This current -- In to -- can handle. ADT's chapstick and a few cotton balls on them at all times sounds strange -- include US parks roller coast. Both carriers simple -- to scrape with the trusty -- and soon we're melting snow -- road raging fire. -- -- pine needles for flavor a sort of backwoods T if you put this in a cup of Starbucks -- -- -- -- or. -- That's just not -- that was about that it has been a lot about people. -- was -- showing us how to make -- snowshoes from inches while the fighter was getting started snowshoes are critical for walking through deep snow. Back on the dogs let them learn the art of -- from Dallas one of them in the business. Ramadan wanna go with all I can we'll forward out of my -- would -- -- -- -- really well for first time none lecture. Thanks to a pretty naturally. And ultimate survival Alaska they're constantly on the move over mountains across rivers. All of it on a tiny supply of uncooked rice -- -- supplied by the show plus whatever they can catch. With. Dallas and -- billed as solid -- in the trees for us like it's nothing. As night falls on our adventure and he shows me his survival necklace. He always -- have like the weatherman. -- and tools parent knife sharpener but little many LE Dele -- -- the finesse the -- Eddie starts another chapstick and cotton ball fired despite soaking wet would it. -- in terms of survival skills this is got to be just about number one Brian Daniels sort of fire absolutely. If you have -- ability to build the fire. That's gonna buy you a lot of time sitting in the global warm fire on -- freezing night eating beans and rice from melted snow. Everything tasted good and anything seemed possible for these two. For them this series is just a way to show off. There reality. True survivors coming you can go into the woods with a knife and a slant. And stay there long and you ones. I'm Neal Karlinsky for Nightline near Tel -- not Alaska.

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{"id":21232030,"title":"Survival of the Fittest in Frigid Alaska Wilderness","duration":"6:07","description":"\"Ultimate Survival Alaska\" competitors craft snowshoes from branches, build fires with cotton balls.","url":"/GMA/video/survival-fittest-frigid-alaska-wilderness-21232030","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}