'Arbitrage' Star Susan Sarandon Dishes on Busy Year

Oscar-award winning actress discusses her latest movie roles.
3:00 | 09/13/12

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Transcript for 'Arbitrage' Star Susan Sarandon Dishes on Busy Year
14 we're back, now, with susan sarandon. She's one of the biggest stars in hollywood. She has more than 60 movies to her name. That's incredible. She has an academy award, as well. She's busier more now than ever, with half a dozen movies out, including "arbitrage," which opens tomorrow. We have susan with penny and rigby. Penny is in "arbitrage." She wanted to stand up for it. Wanted to get credit for her role in the movie. We're happy to have them with us. You continue to have a phenomenal career. It's interesting. You know from being a sex symbol in "bull durham." You won your oscar for playing a nun. What do you consider when you look for playing a role. Do you look for something you haven't done before. I consider myself a character player. I want it to be fun, first of all. When the kids were small, i wanted totay in new york. That didn't always work out. And you look at the directors. "Arbitrage," I have a few movies coming up when they're first-time directors. You don't know if you're going to be lucky with the director. The part has to be fun. Working with richard, I love richard. And that made it really special for me. You played husband and wife before. Yeah. We've known each other, actually, since we both came to new york. We go way back. We have a lot of the mutual friends. I've watched him become who he is. And he's been there for me. So, it's pretty easy for us to play husband and wife. I want to graduate to the mistress, though. They seem to have more fun. I hate being the wife. I want to be the bad mistress at some point. You look fantastic. You could be the mistress. Watching you in that movie, it was incredible. And to know you have 60 movies under your belt, truly phenomenal. Let's look at one of the clips from the movie. A scene where your character and your daughter are discussing richard. It's complicated. You wouldn't understand. You know, I know that the police came to the office. You know what that's about? I honestly have no idea. About your father's head. He cut his head. And the pain that's hiding in his stomach. And the fact he hasn't slept. And now, for some reason, it's way too complicated for me to understand? There's no money for a routine gift? Does that seem a little strange? Of course, it's strange. Tell me what's happening. Ooh. The movie. Richard gere plays your husband, as we mentioned. He said the part of the wife wouldn't work unless the audience felt some of her pain. And she has left a very gilded life. You have to think she knows about the mistress from the beginning, as he walks out the door. Well, the point that is kind of interesting and we rewrote it a little bit, is I don't think it's the mistress that creates the crisis. I think that after being with somebody for 40 years or 30 years or whatever it is, you start to negotiate a little bit. Maybe she's not so threatened by the other women. But he steps over the line where the daughter's concerned. And brings her into this web. Suddenly, that, for me when -- that's the deal-breaker. So, the scene with brit, who is fabulous. I worked with her in another film, is really important because that's when she realizes, whatever it is he's been doing that's been a little odd has now -- it's more than a little off. It's a major problem. And I like that "arbitrage" is just one of six movies that you're currently in this year. Another one is "cloud atlas." Tell us about that one. That's a hard one to talk about in just one sentence. It's from a book. And it's made from the people who did "the matrix." And it encompasses many time periods and many characters. And the fun of it is, everyone plays different genders and races in different time periods. So, it's kind of a cirque du soleil. At one point, I say our lives are not our own, from moon to tomb, every act of kindness or crime bursts your future. Everything you do eventually happens to affect someone else or affect your future. Once again, a very different role for you. Among others. Indian man. I'd never played an indian man before. That was a stretch. Penny had a big year also. Such a great guest this morning. Susan sarandon. Rigby, too. "Arbitrage" opens tomorrow. Coming up, from the smallest

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{"id":17225262,"title":"'Arbitrage' Star Susan Sarandon Dishes on Busy Year","duration":"3:00","description":"Oscar-award winning actress discusses her latest movie roles.","url":"/GMA/video/susan-sarandon-interview-actress-arbitrage-working-richard-gere-17225262","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}